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everland university

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have a blast

ever wondered how disney characters would do in school? would aladdin take you on a magic bike ride? would stitch be wrecking havoc every which way and cause the teachers trouble? well, it is thus the modern days and you have taken the form of real life humans. you're still the same old disney character you are on the inside, just in a new era and in a new body. pay attention in class and try not to fail your classes, okay? i'm looking at you, aurora.



keep them in mind

ONE. favourite the rp. upvotes are mucho appreciated.

TWO. all povs and orientations are allowed.

THREE. do not cause any kind of ooc drama in public.
take it to pm.

FOUR. do not ignore anybody. try to talk to everyone, even if it's just a simple greeting.

FIVE. comment your character's full name to reserve. you are allowed a second character after a day has passed. reservations last 24 hours.

SIX. pm the main admin when leaving or going on hiatus.

SEVEN. only face claims and characters aged 18+ allowed.

eight. you go by your face claim's name but have your disney claim's traits. you may twist the traits to fit the modern and university environment. you do not have to stick to the established relationships in the respective films.

to make it more fun, you may choose to not reveal your disney cliam and let others guess it !!

nine. dating ban of 3 days.

ten. use brackets for ooc stuff.

eleven. cc's are allowed twice.

twelve. scroll down below to check for the list of taken disney claims before you apply.

thirteen. here we go ! have fun.



read the rules first

full name .



disney claim & film he or she is from

password rule #6





ember name.

date: here.

reason: here.

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taken disney claims

look closely

nick wilde. zootopia

judy hopps. zootopia

bellwether. zootopia

peter pan. peter pan

tinkerbell. peter pan

vidia. tinkerbell

aladdin. aladdin

jasemine. aladdin

mulan. mulan

mushu. mulan

anna. frozen

elsa. frozen

prince hans. frozen

prince charming. cinderella

belle. beauty and the beast

flounder. the little mermaid

dr. facilier. the princess and the frog

tiana. princess and the frog

naveen. the princess and the frog

aurora. sleeping beauty

maleficent. sleeping beauty

pocahontas. pocahontas

moana. moana

esmerelda. hunchback of notre dame

dimitri. anastasia

alice. alice in wonderland

mad hatter. alice in wonderland

cheshire cat. alice in wonderland

hercules. hercules

megara. hercules

jessica rabbit. who framed roger rabbit

flower. bambi

scar. the lion king

shego. kim possible

kim possible. kim possible

winnie the pooh. winnie the pooh

stitch. lilo & stitch

angel. lilo & stitch

thomas o' malley. aristocats

kidagakash. atlantis

milo thatch. atlantis

darth vader. star wars

dory. finding nemo

tadashi hamada. big hero 6

baymax. big hero 6

bashful. snow white

name. film



updated 00 month 0000

Esse quam videri.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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main admin : kim mingyu


bippity boppity.

created by pixels.







happily ever afters34%




top 4 playlist

unravel me

sabrina claudio


alina baraz ft. khalid

kickin back

mila j

one last night

vaults (hippie sabotage remix)


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bloodbath 9 months ago
leaving alycia but I love y'all lots thanks for having me!
TokidokiHelloKitty 9 months ago
Hey, can you tell me who the person was who used to be Brian Immanuel in here? Because I'm a fan of him and was hoping to re-connect with another fan? (I rp'ed with the person when I was here, but forgot the username)
sunshinesmile 10 months ago
I'm sorry love it's spring cleaning time ;;
ambient 1 year ago
i wanna join but idk who to be ; ;
fluffmeister 1 year ago
kim minhak please
teddybearjelly 1 year ago
yutaro and key on semi hiatus please.
venteux 1 year ago
choi minho as a second pls
moonsun 1 year ago
chiminey 1 year ago
question: is this limited only to disney? because i see anastasia, and that film isn't disney-
sunshinesmile 1 year ago
Ok I tried not to.
Can you add do kyungsoo for me perhaps?
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