ㅤㅤ★ SPOTLIGHT 2.0 ★ — ❝ ᴀʟʟ ᴇʏᴇs ᴏɴ ᴍᴇ ❞ ╱ semiau, detailed rpers welcome, lots of characters available ╱ closed!

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camera rolling, lights blaring, all eyes on me

our staff

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About Us

Everyone knows we idols are basically fake on camera—from the makeup tricks, to the props we use, to the personalities we portray... But what if fans got to see a more personal side to us idols? What if we broke away from the script and showed our true flaws? Our dearest desires? Our deepest, darkest, and dirtiest secrets? Here at Spotlight, we idols get to truly grow comfortable in front of the camera and on social media, and we get to give fans the chance to get to know us better, whether that be through music, dance, or just heart to heart conversations with one another. Of course, we’ll all probably have our guard up regardless, but wouldn’t it be nice to get an idea of what some of your idol “friends” are really like outside of the bull facades they portray?

/ / /

As mentioned above, here at Spotlight RP, we'll get the chance to play our favorite idols, but instead of having to stick to the boring old "I'm a nice and responsible idol" behaviour, you'll be able to give your character a personality of their own and roleplay them using their own social media accounts, making their own vlogs, causing scenes in public at Walmart, and what have you. Here, you get to be an idol, yes, but you get the chance to use your creative side and make something of your character. You get to do pretty much what you want to do.

In this RP, we'll have both regular rooms (basic rooms and city rooms), but we'll also have social media rooms like twitter, facebook, youtube, et cetera. You will be required to post at least twice a week in at least one social media room. They are there for a reason, and because of the concept of the rp, it is mandatory you make use of at least one room. Also keep in mind that since this is a Semi AU, you're allowed to not only change your character's background and personality, but you can change their career too. Just make sure they're still someone famous.


Rules & Guidleines

ONE Favorite the rp. Upvotes are appreciated.

TWO This is a semi-au rp; you are still idols, but we do encourage you to be creative with your characters.

THREE Marriage and pregnancy (not mpreg or fem preg), violence (like roughhousing and bar fights), drug abuse, in character drama, and such are allowed. Just be sure you a) keep it in designated zones (ie: on walls/in pms), b) make sure to include trigger warnings for certain things (ie: violence and drug use) when appropriate, and c) have your partner's consent.

FOUR We accept any celebrity of any ual orientation.

FIVE Second characters are allowed after we reach 30 faves and 15 upvotes; thirds at 55 favorites and 30 upvotes. Unless you had a second prereserved.

SIX You will be marked inactive after seven days, but we strive to be a completely chill rp where you can just come and go as you please. With that said, we do not expect the chat to stay lit 24/7, and we plan to be a more slow-paced rp. If you happen to be marked inactive, you will be kicked without warning.

SEVEN Comment in the Hiatus room for one. Hiatuses can last up to one month (four weeks), and semi-hiatuses a month and a half (six weeks). Extensions can be given if needed, but make sure you talk to an admin about that.

EIGHT Keep the ual talk/acts and gifs/pics to your walls and pms. We don't want that in the chat.

NINE Out of character drama will not be tolerated at all. Leave any drama you are in wherever it is and/or handle that in private. If you are caught disturbing multiple people or if an admin receives multiple complaints about you, you will be given a warning. Any further issues and you will be kicked.

TEN Do interact with the other members of the roleplay, especially the newcomers. No one likes feeling left out and ignored, so please make an effort to talk outside of your group of friends every now and again. You should also refrain from posting things like "/sits and watches quietly" or any similar post if you expect people to talk to you. You get what you give.

ELEVEN Please set up your profiles as soon as possible. Use the provided roleplaying rooms as well.

how to join / app

ONE Make sure you've favorited the rp, then comment your character's stage name, username, and their favorite fruit. Their favorite fruit will be the reservation password. If you prereserved a character, you still have to comment their username and favorite fruit. Those who do not follow this, will be ignored.

TWO Make sure you've read our About Us all of the rules to understand how this roleplay works.

THREE Fill out the following app in it's entirety.

Reservation Password Read for it.

Timezone In GMT format. (ex: GMT-7)

Other Characters? If yes, name them.

Full Name (ex: Mark Lee)

Username (ex: Xx_Emo_Boi_xX).

DOB & Age (ex: 02 August 1999; 18)

Group/Occupation (ex: NCT)

Social Occupation (ex: Vlogger, Insta Model, etc)

Brief Background Be creative!

Strengths & Flaws At least 5 of each.

3 Facts 3 things about the idol we don't already know. Again, try to be creative.

FOUR Put the phrase "all eyes on me" somewhere in your app.


Our Statistics

Head Admin Sinner.

Opening date 08 February 2018.

Current status closed.

Roleplay Type Semi AU.

Current Population Last updated 180208.

Male 007.

Female 005.

total 012.

Recent Updates

Updates from February.

180208 Grand opening of the roleplay and date of the roleplay's creation.

yymmdd Update information here.

yymmdd Update information here.

Updates from Month here.

yymmdd Update information here.

yymmdd Update information here.

yymmdd Update information here.

Event / Announcement

yymmdd Donec efficitur, ex iaculis molestie bibendum, diam ex pharetra eros, vitae eleifend metus metus eget nisl. Nullam dictum vulputate gravida. Donec egestas neque ut faucibus scelerisque. Nam consectetur, libero in congue suscipit, sem diam tincidunt leo, et hendrerit felis ligula semper nisi. Mauris sed felis erat. Phasellus euismod, leo id ullamcorper tincidunt, libero quam lacinia nunc, ac scelerisque mi dolor non quam. Duis nec accumsan dui.

Link here.


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Jay is out.
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jeon somin, @pumpkinj + grapes
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can I change my reservation from chuu to twice's hirai momo, please arigatoes
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