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typenon au;all povs
eventcoming soon
noticeinactivity at 7 days
openingfebruary 17th
most activeLee naeun
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lee naeun
mark lee
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ei ei
idol producer
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hanyu yuzuru
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zhou jieqiong
cheng xiao
bae yubin
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welcome to the realest place of the century. literally named “real,” we are a place where there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. we’re a place that’s soft and full a love, and for many, we’re a home. always looking for new members to add to our family tree, so join us! make friends and companions. we’d be happy to see you stay.

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section : guidlines
01. favorite the role play before or after you comment your desired character that isn’t taken. upvotes are appreciated, always.

02. reservations last 48 hours, so apply quick! we ask you try not to reserve for friends.

03. after being accepted, talk to everyone! we wouldn’t want to make someone feel left out, so let’s all try to make an effort. to make this place really last!

04. all orientations are accepted. however, mpreg is not.

05. the inactivity timer goes off at 7 days, so you have plenty of time to get back into activity. we will give you a warning at 5 days, but at 7 you will get kicked out immediately.

06. 4 characters are allowed! you may get your 2nd after your 1st gets 200 points, your 3rd after your 2nd gets 200 points and so on and so forth.

07. send an admin a private message or a comment if you are going to leave or going on hiatus.

08. all relationships, marriages and races are accepted!

09. ooc drama is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 10. the password is “3 out of 3.”
section : application
full namenoh hyojung
groupweki meki
timezonegmt -5
passwordLorem ipsum dolor



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Danieloholic 1 month ago
Yooj took the left door
jirrijirri 1 month ago
hahaha ♡
struggling 2 months ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
pink_snow 2 months ago
kei has left
-fairybread 2 months ago
jaemin has to go
tsukino 2 months ago
i'm so sorry but my buds are gonna go ;;
lilmeowmeow 2 months ago
jimin gotta go, sorry kook love you man.
froppy 2 months ago
gowon has to dip, thank you for having me lovelies best of luck!
sunshinesmile 2 months ago
I'm really sorry jongdae will take his leave! Take care y'all!
Artidote 2 months ago
Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
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