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the admins ( scroll pls )
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about REAL
welcome to real roleplay! we accept all literacies, so there's certainly a little of everything for everyone, no one will feel left out! we want to be like a big family where everyone feels at home. we hope you enjoy your time here and make countless friends. ♡ 
RULES & Guidelines TO FOLLOW
1. subscribe and upvote ( appreciated ) before or after commenting with who you desire to be that isn't taken ; your reservation will last for 48 hours.

2. apply with the form below after an admin accepts you.

3. after being accepted, talk to everyone! we want everyone to feel like home and we don't want anyone left out.

4.  and yuri are allowed, but no mpreg please.

5. the inactive counter goes off after 7 days/1 week. you have plenty of time to stay active. after it goes off, you will be removed without warning.

6. you may have up to three characters, but they may not be in the same group. your first character must have 200 activity points before you are allowed your second, and 200 more on your second chara before you're allowed your third ; the pw is your fav song right now

7. marriage and pregnancies are fine. if you get into a relationship, get engaged or get married please consult the relationship room so we can update the list! also, please ask an admin if it's okay for your character to become pregnant before hand.

8. keep the drama to a minimum and the ooc drama to a zero. ooc drama will not be tolerated and you will be removed
name: ( ex. kim taeyeon )
group: ( snsd, put solo, model, etc. or n/a if you're not in one )
orientation: ( ex. panual )



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Lavender-- 9 hours ago
Boo Seungkwan pls~
ppeaches 14 hours ago
park jinyoung, please.
ryutaros 1 day ago
Mirai left! Thank you for the great memories ♡
Marksonforever123 1 day ago
Can I help admin? And Mark Tuan please
rinkohara 2 days ago
hani has to go! gl to the rp.
chewerry 2 days ago
choi yerim ( loona ) pleaaase~!
TheKingSlayer 2 days ago
Park Jimin(BTS) please
lovecherri 2 days ago
Can you add lee jinsook/yeoreum from wjsn pls
self-love 2 days ago
Christian gtg guys <3

Hope this rp stays lit
yoongsnipps 3 days ago
seokjin gotta dip ive been super sick hhhhh
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