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Kim4Shim 3 months ago
Thank you for having me. Bye bye
Xuimin & Yoohyeon.
taekitty 11 months ago
hey, can I still apply or youre closed?
Nyx_Dragneel 1 year ago
Nyx is going to need a Hiatus.
College is getting heavy this year as its my last year.
Please give me the longest hiatus you give and I will be back on that date to hopefully rp once again.
I really dont want to have to leave cause of college but ya know college comes first sadly
Also I wasnt sure which room to use or who to tag so hope posting here is ok.
Serene_jana 1 year ago
could you reserve emma watson please.
skypuppy 1 year ago
can I get Mori Kiyoharu please?
-Dionysus 1 year ago
Could you add Jeon Jeongguk to the list please? Thank you.
purpleprose 1 year ago
nana komatsu please
RevengeNote2 1 year ago
Age: 23 (21)
fire manipulation and soul manipultaion
Student: Alchemy, Astronomy, Hand to hand combat
central pacific time zone
The 100
[comment deleted by owner]
laybintao 1 year ago
Can I reserve 2 characters?
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