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About the roleplay

Rumor has it that the school was created by the gods themselves in a different dimension. Every few years the gods would descend to earth in their dimension to mate with the mortals and make more gods and goddesses. However, one god came to this dimension and saw all the different species that had been forced into hiding. So the gods decided to bring their school to this earth and opened it to any and all species, including humans. Now some humans feel that it's too dangerous for them to attend and so after years of being hunted, The school changed locations for the final time, masked its location and became more selective in who gets accepted into the school.

Have you ever wished you went to Hogwarts or one of the many wizarding schools in the HP universe? What about being a mutant and attending Xavier Institute? Perhaps you're a demigod or half-blood or a vampire. Or perhaps you're just a human with an ability or just fascination for species other than your own. Well if that's you then you've come to the right place. This school is designed to teach ALL, regardless of species, abilities or age. People from all over the world are sent to MystiQ Academy to learn.  Are you one of those students? We welcome you to MystiQ Academy for the Gifted.

Admins Team

Headmistress Katerina

One of the oldest witches in the world. Her family was created to serve the gods of creation since the beginning of time. Her family have also been the mates of many gods. All of the supernatural beings we know of today are descended from Katerina, her family and the gods they've served.

Deputy Headmistress/master

Seelie. Second supernatural creature to be made after Katerina and her family made through the mixing of blood.

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MystiQ Academy for the Gifted


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Woobin- 1 week ago
Jo woobin - ulzzang please
Woobin- 1 week ago
Jo woobin - ulzzang please
TheKingSlayer 1 month ago
Can I get Yukhei?
eclipsia 4 months ago
Yukhei had to leave, lost muse
Mikhun 4 months ago
kira left, the rp's kind of dying right now
Kim_doyeon 4 months ago
Weki meki's kim doyeon please
anpanman 4 months ago
i'm sorry for having such a short stay here, but hoseok is taking his leave
i have too much on my plate rn to handle this character but i really wish this rp well!! <3
chewerry 5 months ago
kim yerim for me please!
anpanman 5 months ago
can u reserve jung hoseok for me please?? <3
eclipsia 5 months ago
may i have wong yukhei please?
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