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Misfits ¬ The specialty pet sHop
alternative universe
Boys only
3rd & 1st pov
Not currently accepting intls
chill place

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about roleplay
Hybrids are the popular pets and people are dying to have a companion who's a perfect mix of a human and an animal but what if something went wrong? Not every hybrid fits the standards and the unlucky ones are mostly thrown away, end up on the streets or are being used to no end. Here at Misfits, the pet shop of Yang Hongseok, you'll only find hybrids with flaws which can vary. There are ones with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, mutations like an unusual color of the fur or traumatized hybrids who have experienced things that you can't imagine. Some of them may be more difficult to handle than others but there have to be people looking for a challenge or kind humans who want to help those poor creatures who deserve a home as well.
WARNING; Some muses will be triggering. Please choose rp partners to ensure your safety and comfort.
rules & regulations
1. Favourite the rp before applying
2. Respect everyone (esp. the admins) and try not to face chase
3. Ask for a hiatus if needed, the inactivity sign appears after 30 days. Comment if you're leaving
4. No OOC drama!
5. is only allowed in rated rooms (some are only rated bc of language!) , in pm or on walls. The faceclaims have to be 18+ or else you'll be kicked out immediately. Mpreg is allowed and possible btw (if someone's in heat which can happen once a month)
6. Please use the rooms to keep this place alive
7. the password; add a heart
8. You can have as many characters as you want but they will be removed if they ever get inactive. Try not to stick to hybrids only. 
9. It's hybrid au and there's no shifting, just parts of the animal's body and some skills.
application form
How to apply: Firstly, ask one of the admins to reserve a character for you. You'll have 24 hours to apply. Use the application form below and make sure to fill it in correctly.

Character name
Character age [ the real one. ]
Human or Hybrid?
Main Flaw [if hybrid]

roleplay update 
opening of roleplay

roleplay update 
little revamp

roleplay update 
reopening with a twist

roleplay update 
update goes here
Seo changbin
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gospel of gods and goddesses 
today claims the first of summer, we will begin our ac event!

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Doodlebugz 3 days ago
Lee Sungmin please
FrostCaster 3 days ago
Kim Yesung please
[comment deleted by owner]
loverboi 4 days ago
can I get Kang Younghyun as a second?
bluebelle 4 days ago
cha eunwoo and choi yeonjun please?
kageyamatobio 4 days ago
Godfrey gao as human.
neggeoya 4 days ago
;; are internationals allowed?
[comment deleted by owner]
pinkopal 5 days ago
I need a human so uh
Wan Yihua pls uwu
Court_jester 5 days ago
I can't do it, I'm sorry. I tried, really I did.

Can I have jeonghan as a second please?
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