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^^ there is a border around our world because we want to protect it from aliens, especially gromflamites.( joking )

+ partially made because your admins didn't know if they wanted to seriously roleplay in an au or non-au. 

est. 00 Mon 0000
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia

About the rp

it's a cheap two for one roleplay. that’s the simplest way to say it, but this is the part where we try our best to break down this whole shebang. if you got any questions let us know.

like we mentioned two for one roleplay. this means you have the opportunity to roleplay in either an au or non-au setting, having the best of both places. it allows you to have access to roleplayers from both spectrums of the roleplay, allowing you connect with your friends. however, this also allows you to meet new people and potential rp partners. here at indecisive, we hope that this can become a hub of muse, a place for you to roleplay. .

you’ll be sick of hearing me ram this down your throats, but there are two “worlds” in this roleplay, the au and non-au worlds. the au world is a simple one, based in the metropolitan beach city called centerscore. there, things are booming with tech, entertainment, and fashion industries, but still maintaining its power as a leading influential city of politics and economics. the young move here with dreams of making it big while the old settle here for the rest of their years. meanwhile the non-au aspect of the roleplay is like your typical non-au.

when joining indecisive, you can choose for your character to be in the non-au or au world. if you can’t choose, then why not both? just let us know which character you want and what world you want he/she to be in. more information about this and applying will be listed below.

once you join, congregate with everyone in the basic rooms. here it’s a chance for you to connect with other people in the roleplay from both worlds. when roleplaying, you can roleplay with other characters on walls, pm, or in your designated world rooms. this will be indicated with [a] and [n] symbols, matching to your characters. example, if you have a non-au kai, you can roleplay with other non-au characters. vice versa for au-kai, where he can roleplay with other au characters.

if you want to roleplay in rooms with other people, please do so accordingly based on if your character is au or non-au. so if I was a non-au kai, he can roleplay in the non-au based rooms with other non-au characters. the same would apply if I was an au kai, meaning I could roleplay in the au rooms with other au characters. you'll be able to tell this through the symbols. [n] means non-au and [a] means au. if people want to mix their au/non-au characters with characters from the other worlds, it will have to be done in pm or walls. 

note about applying for characters, you can still apply for someone if he/she is not taken in the universe you want to be in. your character is not in both worlds, unless asked for. for example, if I want to be myungsoo, where he's available in the au world, but not the non-au world, then I can only play as myungsoo in the au world. however, if people want their character in the au and non-au worlds, and is available in both sides, then it's cool to be the au and non-au versions. however, we are not having twins/triplets/etc. in one world. so for example, no twin kais in the non-au world. if kai is already taken in the non-au world, then you cannot apply for non-au kai.

if you feel like roleplaying with someone else in the other world, please take this to walls/pms only. we don’t want to clash both worlds into one or confuse others about this. occasionally, we’ll try to have an event where both spectrums' characters can roleplay amongst each another in one place. 



phew. thanks for reading that.

rules & guidelines

ONE this is a non-au and au place.

TWO 1st and 3rd pov. are allowed.

THREE all orientations and races are allowed.

FOUR marriages and pregnancies are allowed, but no m/f-preg.

FIVE favoriting is a must. upvoting is much appreciated.

SIX no crack in the roleplaying rooms, but it’s cool in the ooc/basic rooms.

SEVEN no ting with minors.

EIGHT only in m-rated rooms, walls, and pm.

NINE activity lasts for ten days.

TEN if leaving or going on hiatus, please pm us.

eleven ic drama is encouraged, ooc drama is not.

twelve unlimited characters here, but you get three for free. after that, there are requirements.

thirteen have a dp within 24 hours of being accepted. a profile at some point.

fourteen have your partner’s permission to roleplay sensitive topics.

fifthteen rather than waiting, please approach people here.

sixteen requirement. within a week of your character’s acceptance, please have them plotting, roleplaying, or interacting with at least one person. roleplaying/interacting has to be done either on walls or rooms. same applies to plotting, but pm counts too. however, if you’re plotting in pm, you and your partner must inform the admin about this. if this isn’t done by end of your character’s first week, he/she will be removed. password: what is rule #16?

seventeen reservations last for 24 hours.

eighteen this is a self paced roleplay.


ask us if you have any questions about the roleplay.

How to Join & App

ONE ask for a character, indicating if you want an au or non-au character. if you want a non-au character, please indicate their full name and stage name. .

- au example: "au gal gadot please".
- non-au example: "non-au son jihyun/nam jihyun please" or "seo jisoo for non-au".

- au and non-au example: "kai/kim jongin for au and non-au"

three apply for your character, using the appropiate form for them.


au app w/ example

full name:seo jisoo



timezone:gmt -11


non-au app w/ example

full name and stage name:kim jongin/kai


orientation: straight

timezone:gmt -8



For any notes you may have about joining or the application form.




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Lee Seunghoon for both
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yukhei and robert gtg, sorry for not being active.
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christian gtg, thanks
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Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung(V)please
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add me up with snsd's yoona! as non-au
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Short but sweet--WinWin left, thanks for everything and good luck!
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oh i forgot to apply imcr y
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aye long time no see my dudes (was in excellence like, a century ago lmao). reserve an au demi lovato pls? c:
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