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semi-au | full on crack | semi-literate
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"cwtch" is a welsh word that was given two definitions. the first meaning is "cuddle" or "hug" and the second meaning is "safe place" but we all do know that this is more like a chaotic and messed up place yet we still love it here.

so, does this rp seems familiar to you? well, yeah we're back fam! but with a lot of changes, it won't be the same cwtch rp like what we had before it went inactive but hey! how about we make some new memories, shall we? let's make cwtch a place where people are safe and sound or more crackier than they should be, where they'll be comfortable, where they fell welcome and treat it as a home. we all want that, right? so what are you waiting for? let's make this rp as a place where people could call it as their safe place.

rules and guidelines


01. please do favorite the rp, upvotes are optional but highly loved and appreciated. reservations last for 48 hours.

02. comment your desired faceclaim in their full name. comment or pm an admin when leaving. please refer to the hiatus room for more information and to request for a hiatus/sh.

03. non-au, you're an idol. semi-crack, idk crack crack up do whatever you want, be whatever you want but know the limits.

04. internationals are now allowed along with all orientations and povs.

05. no bashing, godmodding, facechasing, ualizing of minors and many more inappropriate things please! be mindful that others can still get uncomfortable by these kinds of topics.

06. 5 charas for free, no requirements just be active. inactivity sign will appear in 9 days. you'll get only 1 warning and 48 hours to get rid off that inactive sign. if you've gone inactive twice, the third time you get inactive, no warning will be sent, you'll be automatically boot out.

07. pregnancy of any kind ain't allowed here sorry. but there's no dating ban, just be realistic. moving couples are welcome but there's a marriage ban of 3 weeks, it starts when you two started officially dating.

08. your chara must be able to pass up to 50 pts in a week, could be more, could be less so if we see a chara with 0 pts for 5 days, no warning. we're deactivating.

09. we have a hiatus ban of 1 week for semi-hiatus and 2 weeks for hiatus. once your hiatus expires you'll be held off according to what was said.

10. pw? its violaceae


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febreze 4 days ago
dropping johnny and lyolik !
turnips 1 week ago
is my daniel still saved twin?
flawsome2k18 2 weeks ago
sorry but jia left c":
daywave 2 weeks ago
daywave 2 weeks ago
maetamong 3 weeks ago
i left yuchan and suwoong for now
maetamong 4 weeks ago
uhmm hello ???
youmakemyday 1 month ago
ok hi uh could i get myself a 5 week hiatus bc idk when you all will comeback and like i don't want it to be when i don't have any wifi and get kicked out ;;;
retiredpupper 1 month ago
was late by 2 hours kill me
nocturn [A] 1 month ago
⟣ — rp on temporary hiatus. reservations and applications are temporarily closed. we'll come back in a week or so!
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