❝ midnight diner ❞ — aurp | open & accepting┊1st&3rd — it's chaos every day - 05.02.18 we had our first almost murder / death in the diner . two events coming up soon !! come join !!

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the day slowly turns into night as rush hour slows down, people head home, and the city is kept lit with lamp posts and street lights. for some of us, the day has ended and the work is done but one little diner quietly flickers on their 'open' sign and welcomes anyone who is craving a late night snack, offering only the most fresh ingredients and the best hospitality. we're here to be your family and heal your soul. welcome to the midnight diner. 

est. 00 Mon 0000
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia

About the rp

do you end work late? do you crave food at ungodly hours? are you a student who stayed up cramming for an exam and forgot to eat? well, come on down to midnight diner!

we're open from midnight to 6 am, every day. there's no menu - just come in and tell the chef what you'd like or just ask to be surprised. we take pride in giving the customers what they need and can guarantee your satisfaction!

if you're struggling through life or just tired, feel free to stop by. we consider our customers, family. 

meet the admins

kang seulgi : the boss, chef
park jihoon : waiter, temp errand boy
kim woosung : vocalist + electric guitarist for a rock band, customer


any event suggestions are appreciated bc i'm the least creative person i know

rules & guidelines

ONE up to three charas as long as you keep them all active. to get 2nd chara, your 1st must have 500 pts. to get 3rd, both your 1st and 2nd must be active and you need 700 on your 1st and 500 on your 2nd.

TWO no ooc drama pls. lets be nice here, we're a fam tyvm.

THREE pw is your favorite food.

FOUR i honestly crack a lot but let's keep it to a minimum and actually rp here pls

FIVE keep in rated rooms and on walls

SIX no , no mpreg. we wont be doing applications for babies if you get married but you can just incorporate them in your rping. 

SEVEN you can go 20 days of silence until you become inactive. twenty days. but pls, if you end joining pls pls pls do your best to stay active and socialize. you'll get one warning after the inactive sign goes up and then you'll be removed but you can always reapply.

EIGHT pls try to talk to everyone and be active!

NINE dating ban of two weeks

TEN have fun and enjoy!


will probably think of more later bc i'm scatterbrained rn.

How to Join & App

ONE favorite the rp pls ! upvoting is not required but appreciated.

TWO comment your desired character's first and last name

THREE don't forget the pw + you have 24 hours to apply

four if you're applying as staff, make sure to check the staff page to see what's available.


name : ex. kang seulgi

age: ex. twenty four

staff or customer: staff

position (staff) / job ( customer ) : boss

pw : check the rules


staff position is limited! we want lots of customers pls!




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windowsxp 3 weeks ago
hi, let's get this place alive shall we?
-baekon 5 months ago
wowzas my babies made an rp together and i didn’t know?¿
shineesarahh 10 months ago
Yixing left sorry
Acrylic 11 months ago
Hyuna, rose, eunhyuk or l.joe? ._.
whiskeynwine 1 year ago
I'll be taking my leave. Wish yall all the best
Galaxy-Dragon 1 year ago
Thanks for everything but won’t be as active. Going to be busy from this point
Best wishes
ahjussi 1 year ago
good luck!
psychologist [A] 1 year ago
psst lmk if you want something special coded or want to plan an event. would be more than happy to help e v e
shineesarahh 1 year ago
Can you add Zhang Yixing please
camboy 1 year ago
song yuqi please and thanks!
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