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love scenario.
we have found your match!
grand opening. 30032018
basic info.
everyone just needs a love scenario, everyone needs their other half as well as friends they can trust in. feel free to give us a shot, we'll make sure you'll find the right pair for you. hopefully you'll find yourself welcomed and part of a big family, any problem feel free to contact with one of the admins, we'll make sure to get to you as soon as possible. we hope you enjoy your stay, thanks for giving us a shot and helping us grow. whispers main admin will very gladly smack asses if you dont feel welcomed dont worry whispers
rules & guidlines.
01. favorite the role play.
02. strictly no facechasing, both parties Will be kicked out if this is stated, please talk to everyone. this is a nonau role play.
03. first and third pov is allowed, please refrain from one lining.
04. this is a matchmaking role play, allowing all orientations. this mean everyone will be paired up, so if you don't wish to be paired up, please don't join.
05. each pairing will last a week. any problem with your partner or the pairing shall be communicated to the admins immediately. 
06. no move in couples. dating ban is a week. marriage ban is a month and pregnancy is allowed but no mpreg. babies are also allowed. no ualizing minors! 
07. the rooms are there for a reason, make sure to use them. second character is free. third needs 300 points and the following add 100 points to each of your characters. 
08. inactivity sets after 7 days, I and you can have as many characters as you wish to as long as you keep them active.
09. keep ooc problems out of here, and please make sure you at least try and put some effort into roleplaying. 
 10. no internationals for now 
11. reservations last for 48 hours. failing to apply in this period implies the removal of your character. please make sure to comment bellow the full name .
keep your eyes on this page as it will be updated
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est. 2017
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compass 6 hours ago
sorry yoojung left, I don't wanna keep holding the chara when I myself isn't active. its an amazing place, yall pls join
elysian 8 hours ago
can I please be ahn hani, I have like 4-5k points, ty.
elysian 9 hours ago
someone pls apply as yoon sungjae
or one of the winner members ok ty.
gallery 12 hours ago
ha sooyoung please.
cookiequeen- 13 hours ago
add Jennie for me thanks. ♥
cookiequeen- 18 hours ago
Yay for Jennie ♥
bukakke 19 hours ago
can you a&r kim jungeun for me?
fanatical_demon 1 day ago
ummmmm heo gayoon ... please?
woofies [A] 2 days ago
› checked !
cookiequeen- 2 days ago
So to wait until Jennie available maybe gonna take a little time for pa so - lemme be nayeon first. my muse for her suddenly coming back I -
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