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- y/n user has entered the chat -
have you heard of chat with stranger rp? well this one is similar type but more developed and updated ver. in short here you come to chat with strangers, make friends, ic you're as anon as you wish to be since instead of your name, you have your username which can be smth like: yourdaddy, blue_tae, 69boy, potato. what is so different about this rp? 
this is a place where you can chat with the same person in different places and in one you could think he is a stranger and reveal a lot of secrets meanwhile he could be your classmate, co-worker on your kakao/insta or other chatting site. it all depends on story you decide to build for your main character.
there will be multiple chat rooms one the basic one where you can use to meet a lot of anonymous people, talking randomly. but you will be also able to get the rooms outside it like your own instagram where your followers come to stalk you etc.
so what is the main plot for this rp? since 2018 everyone has an app 'stranger' where it allows you to chat with anyone without inviting them as your friend. like everyday you get the suggestions on your main page of 'stranger' and you just need to click random head to be lead straight to chat room and start a conversation. 2ssap: write from two to five facts about your chara (etc. like the sun, loves dogs, likes to daydream, colors his hair often and etc.).
there are also bunch of stranger app games that you play as an anon as well, unless the other person already knows you.
the length question

one liners? sure it's okay in chat rooms (ic room) because we go:

babyboy: hello

but if you seriously roleplay with someone you may freely use paragraphs and other styles. i am no writer so will give shorter example:

yutaro hands started to sweat as he was nervous when he received a voice message from complete stranger, it just simply said his username in the deep tone which left him all bothered. he his lips as he didn't know what to respond but slowly his fingers began to move automatically.

babyboy: yes, daddy?
this is au rp meaning you are idols only if you want to be one.
type your message here...
01. 1st and 3rd pov allowed, feel free to use one liners in chat rooms but not while rping outside it.
02. to avoid the not fun feeling of getting ignored do state rules or preferable character traits you want to rp with and maybe instead of ignoring just apologize.
03. no face chase like a big no. if you want a certain character to be your lover to please your taekook pair etc. people use private rps for that so to make this clear this is not private rp and we have various of people you can chat with and make friends.
04. no god moding. i personally find it as turn off and some people get offended. but some people do not notice when they do that so if you're someone who does it don't and if you're someone who is rping and like the other party did it first let them know what they did wrong.
05. inactivity sign appears after 14days. after two warnings your character is kicked out. no ooc drama, ic drama is ok because anything can happen.
06. there is no relationship ban because some people get to develop their characters faster than others who are slow with replies but honestly it would make sense if you take at least a week, right? because most of us start chatting as strangers and later your plot can develop that you know each other. like enjoy it don't rush it.
08. is allowed in rated rooms, don't hide in pm or walls, help the rooms to be active, you may also request some if they aren't here.
09. oh yeah favorite the rp we need the support and if you like plot or enjoy it here do leave an upvote. 1ssp: password in rules.
10. No mpreg this is realistic rp, you can adopt though or maybe have child from the past with some woman *gasps* drama/shot.
age (-3/+3)
01. when you plan to join here be ready to read a lot which is written here and everywhere I teleport you to, sticking to the rules is the must.
02. comment the face you want to be reserved. you can also peek at wishlist. pass3: state from where your faceclaim is (actor /model/trainee/group)
03. read the rules carefully and stick to the application form.
04. if you have any questions feel free to ask in comments.
05. username has to have max 12 letters not more.
06. be sure to state all passwords there are three of them.


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DNABleached 8 months ago
hey love
can you pop shoma on a hiatus from july 8th - 22nd? thanks
win-junnie 9 months ago
I ended up not being as active as I hoped, so Taehyung will be taking his leave. This rp was a super cool idea! It was super nice to be a part of. Thank you so much for having me.
littleranchan 10 months ago
I am really sorry jammie but i think I have lost all muse for this before I even got one T_T still i'll support you in any upcoming rps again. So jimin is leaving
IfriendSilverfeather 10 months ago
Jisungs leaving.
I never got into the concept rip
BambiiBlossoms 10 months ago
Naoto packed up
beyondtheskies 10 months ago
may i have kim jongin?
Zerylle 10 months ago
Sorry but Kyungsoo will be leaving ono
Will be back once hiatus is over
Pika-boo 10 months ago
Thank you
-drained- 10 months ago
Kazuma left, thanks for having me.
struggling 10 months ago
jungwoo dipped, really sorry i couldn't be active! ; ;
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