=  triggering equations,  (unofficially: taeriggering taeyongs!)  : can u believe we’re already a yr old and we said we’d die in a week smh #nolife

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trig equations
trig equations
について about
MORE : 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.... yes, this is a shrine for our merciless lord maths created by bored, triggered people from all around the world. it's a place of the triggered by the triggered for the triggered. if you're triggered like us, do join. we have assumed our death date to be the sixth of may. we'll live long. u v u till we're around, stay triggered, enjoy the math puns and the softness our lovely softsine brings. we are a bunch of sunsines, although it might not really seem like it.

at this point idk what i'm typing but we swear, we are problematic, we are boring, sometimes we are fun, sometimes lame, sometimes we don't make sense, but we're only sines. we don't bite, we only form never ending happy curves. : )
アドミン admins
main admin
melanie martinez - cry baby
たルール rules
MORE : 01. heart the rp. u w u click on the arrow or not, it depends on you. if you like us, please turn on the grey arrow orange! // 02. the basics - and mature talk in m-rated rooms; be kind to everyone; inform the admins if you're going on hiatus or leaving, yada yada.  // 03. maths dosen't discriminate, all races/orientations are accepted! // 04. we userchase and facechase mildly. if you feel uncomfortable with this, don't join. simple like 1+1 = window. this is a warning, so please don't whine about it later. :D godmodding is common too. we hit on anyone and everyone. ; ) m ath addacc. // 05. pw#1 - is any one of the puns you see on the main page. // 06. if the inactivity sign shows up after 5 days, you will get a warning. if we receive no response within 24 hours, you will be kicked out. feel free to rejoin, but next time you won't get a warning lol. after joining, please do talk. if you don't within 25 hours we'll kick you out without any warning. // 07. unlimited souls allowed uwu. no dating ban, we're not against love lmao. also, clones are allowed, but you must have a different pun name to the orignial account. // 08. pw #2- why do you even want to join?

ps: the only (real) rule: we dont give a fk as long as you are willing to handle this mess without complaining
応用 application
MORE : name thy muse // password one // password two. 

eg. kim yerim // actually tempted to give away the first password but it's buried somewhere in the rules weeps gl finding it!!! // actually even if u don't have the passwords written chances are we would accept u but for formalities sake and for making idk ,, the admins' lives a lil brighter pls do ,, extra work for u but think about it ,, getting ur app mentioned idk ,, i don't like empty spaces so let me just fill this up :D 


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jirrijirri 9 months ago
lemme in
compass 11 months ago
w was i here
a2b4790c7a0f010d568c 1 year ago
Hi kids I'm gonna deac 4 a week or smth
Heads up
jirrijirri 1 year ago
gotta go fast
cosvixx 1 year ago
i love you guys so much
wassowasso 1 year ago
dipped sooyoung and seolhyun bcs i never use them
raewon 1 year ago
and my junit jihoon unu
raewon 1 year ago
please keep my baekho and mingyu lovelies
hoesine [A] 1 year ago
ew spamsine gtfo
dca1376e976dde691fa9 1 year ago
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