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Last post 2 years ago
jamm ent. is back!!!
UPDATE after being absent for a year jamm entertainment is finally back to business with the ceo cjamm himself.
more info —
Jamm Entertainment has returned after a year of absence with a completely new image. The business' head CEO CJamm claims that the entertainment company will now be delving into the field of acting, as well as maintaining their status as a leader of the K-Pop industry. Trainees of Jamm Entertainment have apparently been offered acting classes and opportunities never before seen from a company like this. Will the business venture fail, or will Jamm Entertainment once again dominate the industry this year? Stay tuned to find out. So when applying to jamm ent. in your application notify your occupation manager/ singer/ fan?
read before applying —
jamm ent. — point in this section how your character decided to get into jamm ent. did he belong to other entertainment or is he renewing the contract etc. is this first time joining, is he trainee or someone from theatre etc. few suggestion./shot
asians only — sorry but yes.
hardcore drama is allowed — as long both ooc agreed on it, i see no problem.
no to — face chasing, god moding, one liners, ooc drama is a big no meanwhile ic is well great material for gossip, rumors etc.
password — is that you need to read more info section and it will tell you what to write in your app so do it in pass section.
+ accepting all pov rpers, will try to make you surrounded by similar style rpers as you are.
act : 00
kpp : 00
mng : 4
all : 35
click to see the latest article in jamm ent.

pool party join! no rush your own pace rp.
guidelines —
you are also allowed to apply as photographer, paparazzi or just a fan, we don't strict it, yet we encourage for actors to come to take part of the main plot. do not encourage people to come that are very sensitive as in they wouldn't be able to take gossip, false rumors or lil ic drama. life in ent. world isn't easy, not all idols get along off screen. we encourage those who wishes to spice up their plots or at least will not take ic things ooc. ask questions in comments and they will be answered. there aren't any stupid questions as jamm is not good on explaining things ; u ;


jamm ent.

short bio

preferred pov



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BABYelfArmy_Fan 1 year ago
Kim Taehyung is leaving
I had fun here but I've been to busy ;-;
Kim4Shim 2 years ago
taeyong left sorry
xxSpacedOutxx 2 years ago
Daehyun will be leaving, too busy to properly participate here. Sorry!
autumnrain 2 years ago
Hyungwon has left as I'm going to take a hiatus from RPR.
_WMstan 2 years ago
Had a fun stay here
Sorry, but Park Minkyun is out
Mama-Gackt-the-Diva 2 years ago
Jaeyoon is out. I've been useless here.
iwonhoyou 2 years ago
leaving as Christian and Wooseok. My life is just too hectic atm
Kim4Shim 2 years ago
what's the rule for a second character?
I like to be a photographer^-^
Bangtangaran 2 years ago
May I please A&R Park Jimin? I didn't see him in the masterlist. Thank you!
iwonhoyou 2 years ago
TT__TT I'm going to be out of town until this coming Sunday so I just wanted to give a heads up that I'll be confined to mobile
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