⇢ cassette┊ only! ♡ we're wild & fun so join us and be a part of the dumpling family! ✩ gmt + co-admins wanted! ♡ singles event has started! come join us for marshmallows and some lovin' ☆ psst, internationals allowed. uwu

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  created 02.05.18
leave your negative vibes at the door before you enter. we're wild. we're somewhat cracked up amongst the fine lines of chill in here. this place is made for the night owls. if you don't enjoy wildt people then i'm sorry, you might wanna turn back. go crazy, i don't know what else to put in this intro so enjoy some Lorem ipsum. dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis venenatis urna quis dignissim ultricies. Phasellus ullamcorper a ex vel aliquam. Vivamus rutrum leo nec tellus tempor tristique. Nullam vulputate aliquet dui. Integer posuere ultricies gravida. Sed eu cursus felis. Morbi tempor vitae turpis et vulputate. Morbi bibendum eu tortor vel lacinia. Fusce lacus mauris, gravida sit amet risus ac, faucibus fermentum sem. Quisque vehicula sapien id augue dictum, ut viverra metus iaculis. Phasellus ut odio id lectus vehicula euismod. Sed viverra nisl et urna suscipit rhoncus. Maecenas porta mauris augue, a congue ipsum mattis id. Sed in metus ut ipsum congue vulputate non at ipsum. Integer placerat lorem et turpis posuere pretium. Cras in lorem quis dolor blandit tristique eu nec velit. Donec scelerisque vestibulum venenatis. Praesent in pharetra sem, a cursus ex. Phasellus vestibulum condimentum arcu, in fringilla neque dignissim quis. Vivamus eget dapibus orci.
rules ⸰  
1. please favorite the roleplay; upvotes are greatly appreciated but not a requirement.
2. remember that there is a rant room for a reason. please leave ill vibes at the door and bring in your happy ones. ooc drama is not going to be tolerated. ic drama is alright, but don't drag people into it. crack is permitted in the chat rooms.
3. there is no dating ban however please do not abuse this. move-in couples are allowed. mpreg is allowed after a month of a relationship and only then. we love babies but don't want them running around rampant.
4. four characters per soul, the first two being free. 300 points for the third, 600 for the fourth. pretty simple! don't let your alts go inactive or they'll be taken away.
5. no ualizing minors. no steak no ham no ma'am. please have your character 18 or above. the second password is this rule.
6. notify admins of hiatuses or departure; comments will be deleted otherwise. characters with the inactive sign will be kicked after two days. inactivity kicks in after a week. the password is the title of the roleplay - keep looking.
7. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, dicant erroribus concludaturque eum et, meliore vituperata ne has.
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RegalFan18 2 years ago
Never mind.
RegalFan18 2 years ago
Is Min Yoongi available?
pluhmm 2 years ago
reserving lee jeno, please and thank you!
vendettahenry 2 years ago
tenshi- 2 years ago
a&r dong sicheng for me please~
BabyBoyTM 2 years ago
do my eyes deceive me or is jungkook open for grabs cause if he is i am SO game for having hobi cced to him heh
hobbit 2 years ago
sebastian stan?
BabyBoyTM 2 years ago
could i have Chris Evans as my second uwu
ltm1807 2 years ago
Can I have Lee Taemin pls?
[comment deleted by owner]
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