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Host Club
//"only those with exceptional standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran Academy. The Ouran Host club is where the most handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain ladies(or guys) who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful"
Rules.(1) favorite the rp! upvoting is optional but appreciated ouo (2) no ooc drama will be tolerated, keep ic drama limited and planned; no triggering topics, i’m sure you know which ones those are- (3) three strikes you’re out. don’t break the rules here. (4) this is a high school au, you don’t have to know the show to join! your faceclaim can be an idol or international, could also be anime if you’d like but keep in mind this is a MODERN HIGH SCHOOL AU (5) keep on walls and in pms, choose a high school age for your character but really, don’t ualize underaged faceclaims, whatsoever. if we hear complaints or see it somewhere you will get a strike. password is your favorite flower. (6) dating ban is 3 days, we don’t mind falling in love quickly just as long as it’s not love at first sight and you follow the ban- moving couples are welcome (7) please be welcoming to everyone~ no one likes to be ignored- and have fun!! let an admin know if you have any problems ^~^ (8) clubs and sports, different activities like that and are set apart from the host club will be allowed because again, this is a high school au lol
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Rose-Kitty [A] 1 week ago
Can- Can I rp Haruhi? I- I understand if it's a no though-
-fairybread 1 week ago
woozi gtg
GlowingMoon 2 weeks ago
hiatus for Shoma and Jaemin?
-fairybread 2 weeks ago
makeitrbl 2 weeks ago
lalisa manobal, please?
silveray 2 weeks ago
Jung Taekwoon for me please?
chankyu10 2 weeks ago
Can I get park jinyoung
daybreak 2 weeks ago
so wait this is set in japan right? so i should probably come up for a reason why my chara moved? just making sure ;;
demonic_angel 2 weeks ago
-falls in and strikes a pose-
Why hello my lovelies I have arrived, let me just go do the app real quick lol
Kyutaro 2 weeks ago
/falls face first/ I am here! WHAT?
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