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a place for all gays to meet.
"Love Wins!" gives you the opportunities to meet fellow Gay Men and Women who want to make friends or find their one true love. Whatever you want. You'll Find it.
the admin team
admin Yeri
Hi! I'm your main admin and if you need anything, come to me! I love helping and that's why I'm
admin Johnny
height is set to auto but make sure to keep it in the little white space. something along these lines, you know?
height is set to auto but make sure to keep it in the little white space. something along these lines, you know?
height is set to auto but make sure to keep it in the little white space. something along these lines, you know?
plan b
this is our partner rp named plan b. It is a non-au rp and  only. Just as new as Love wins!

"love wins" is a place where all your fellow gay friends will meet you and a place where love truly wins. This is a friendly place with no people hating each other or even bullying for who and what they are.
it is a place where all the hard-working people come together to relax from their stressful days and be together with like-minded people to hang out with.
There will be competitions where everyone is allowed to participate but if you are not that competitive, there are other ways to get to know people. another way is through the matchmaking event that happens here all the time. There will be two of these events - one where you can find fellow friends and one where you hopefully find your partner for forever. 
There are many rps labeled as " only" or "yuri only" but this is quite sad because why separating it? I never saw an rp where "" and "yuri" was allowed so I wanted to try it out, hoping that my experiment will work. but if it works, I'm sure we can build a strong community together where all the gays can be together and celebrate their gayness on a campfire at the beach or just in their normal dorms.
we are proud to be gay and invite you to join us.
rules to follow
1. Favourite The Rp - Upvote is not a must but you will get a special memory if you do so | 2. you have to be active! you'll be noted as inactive after 7 days, if you see the (inactive) sign beside your name, you'll have 24 hours to post something again so you won't be kicked out. | 3. if you need a hiatus or semi-hiatus, tell the admin with a reason and the amount of time you'll need - you will get an [н] for Hiatus or a [sh] for semi-hiatus beside your name. | 4. Character changes are allowed but you need to keep your character for at least one week before changing again. | 5. do you want more than one character? you are welcomed to do so if you were active for one week for a second character and earned 500 points for a third character. | 6. we currently don't accept internationals, sorry | 7. only gay and lesbian characters are allowed. | 8. mpreg and fpreg are allowed but only if you got 1000 points and were active for 1 month. there will be no one to play that child so you have to do it yourself | 9. move-in couples are welcomed as long as they fit the ual orientation | 10. only write nsfw stuff in the [m] rated rooms and on your wall | 10. don't write about sensitive topics like or suicide in the regular chats. | 12. if you want to do something extreme with your rp partner that not everyone might be comfortable with, ask them first. If you don't, your partner is allowed to tell the admin and you'll get a warning or kicked out, depending on how extreme the topic was | 13. ooc talk only in the ooc room or if you'll write it in [brackets] | 14. no facechasing, godmodding or whatsoever. if you do things like that, you'll be kicked out. | 15. we will make fun polls, contests and other activities that everyone can join and who wins, will get special prize made with lots of love | 16. don't delete anything the admins put in your profile. it is there to give you gifts and prices and if you don't have it in your profile, you won't get something | 17. right after your application, I will ask you if you would like to be part of a match-making event. there will be two ones - one where you can just meet anyone that is there to make friends and one that might help you find the right partner. tell me if you want to participate and if you want to participate in one or both. Also, if you decide for participating, please interact with your partner! It is made to get to know people | 18. if anything happens or you need someone to talk about, the admins are free to talk with | 19. password: write down an instagram username and a short sentence about yourself that introduces you the best. Look at the introduction sentence of the "instagram profile" in the Kim Yerim profile to see an example. | 20. Have fun!
application form
#1. Full NameKim Yerim
#2. Age19
#3. GroupRed Velvet
#4. TimezoneGMT+1
#5. Secret PAsswordLook in The Rules ;)


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kittenonaroll 1 year ago
Byeongkwan is leaving~ THank you for having meee
wassowasso 1 year ago
yukhei left, but let me know if you guys revamp.
eudaimonia 1 year ago
taeyong has left. thank you for everything!
dummyacount 2 years ago
amber left. too inactive and i don't want to hog a chara
qtprettie 2 years ago
jungkook dipped;;
nefxrious 2 years ago
may i reserve twice's tzuyu?
difficultcheese 2 years ago
Hello! Would you be interested in becoming affiliates with a new rp?
deoBaeks 2 years ago
Choi Chanhee from The Boyz please? <3
KpopVamp 2 years ago
Park Chaeyoung please ^^?
TaeKook 2 years ago
Park Jimin please
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