♥ 指輪 >> ѕнαℓαℓα яιηg ˣˣ nonau, matchmaking ♥ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ! join now to find your platonic or romantic soulmate.

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Shalala ring




shalala ring

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est. 02 jun 2018
all orientations
(optional) Matchmaking

About the rp

here at shalala ring, we offer everyone a chance to meet their romantic or platonic soulmate! when you apply, you will recieve a pm with 3 questions for you to answer. after you answer, you'll receive a color of ring based off of your ideal type/friend! within your group, you'll be tasked to try and find your perfect mate! despite that, our community is one that encourages mingling with everyone. just join us no matter what your motive, and have fun! now for the outro!!! shalalaaaaaa-


you don't need to participate in the matchmaking! you're appreciated either way <3

rules & guidelines

ONE favouriting along with upvoting is mandatory before you submit your application.

TWO within your first day of joining this roleplay, you need to generate at least 15 points, and not from the spam room. 

THREE be nice to everyone, don't leave anybody out. please, please abide this rule. I don't want to see anyone feel sad because nobody is talking to them.

FOUR move in couples are allowed since matchmaking is optional. however, please don't join and only talk to your couple mate. again, rule three.

FIVE try to remain ic. it's fine to talk about ooc events, but try to make it seem like something your idol would actually go through/minimize talking about it. i get how sometimes you just do want to talk a little ooc though, so i'm very lax with this rule. just not the other ones.

SIX the dating ban is 5 days. talk around and take time before you just jump into a relationshiP!

SEVEN marriage can only happen at around a month of being together. pregnancy, both m and f preg are currently unsure of being allowed or not, but demand will change that. 

eight you can have 3 characters from the start, 4 after 100 points on each, And the same for each character after that. in the end, there is no character limit.

nine internationals are allowed!


For any notes you may have about the rules and guidelines.

How to Join & App


group: here

timezone: here

orientation: here

would you like to be matched?: here


if you're interested in being an admin, just mention it at the end of your app!




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xicewolf 1 year ago
Sonchae is leaving. Thanks for letting me join ♥
rinkohara 1 year ago
alexis ren is leaving.
gaynetz 1 year ago
jinsoul is leaving
devils 1 year ago
yves and lucas left
marvel 1 year ago
yoongi is leaving. i’m sorry guys
compass 1 year ago
sorry sejeong left. ;;;;;
acuteassmess 1 year ago
sorry but jia left.
telolet 1 year ago
taehyung gtg
jageun 1 year ago
sana left
libras 1 year ago
jinsook checked out. thanks for having me though!
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