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A life that's beautiful and fragile
10/03/18 - Update/Status: have your eyes peeled for a special something now that it's october!
About Us
Not a lot of people have heard of Magnolia Springs. In fact, it's practically invisible over the map because it's so small, having a population of a little less than 1,000 residents. However, there have been some visitors and tourists alike that have had the fortune of staying at Magnolia Springs for a few days. It is known for its holiday festivities during the winter, beautiful cherry blossom trees during the spring, summery pristine beaches, and colorful autumn leaves. Each season, the town changes drastically because of its magical aura that is given off by the Prunus trees. These trees have been standing for over a hundred year when Magnolia Springs was first settled in by supernatural beings who were on the run from humans who wished to terminate them. Since then, the quaint town has been a haven for the supernatural, and over the years, they've been able to live in harmony with humans after discrimination ended towards the supernatural.
However, not every being was able to get along because of their many differences, which created a rift between each of the supernatural groups. Tension has been on the rise more and more over the years, and before it can finally detonate, an anonymous group of young adults created the online dating app, IMPERIAL. With it, the purpose of IMPERIAL is to unite all supernatural groups not only by romantically pairing them, but also by creating friendships and platonic relationships through blind dates and entertaining tasks that must be completed within a specific time frame.
Register today to jump right into the magical ambience of Magnolia springs in the autumn season!
Rules & How to Join
01 Please favorite the roleplay before applying, or it may delay the process of your acceptance! Upvotes are very appreciated, but not mandatory.
02 IMPERIAL is strictly an AU roleplay, meaning plenty of roleplaying is expected here. It will be having events from time to time to keep activity running, but very undemanding tasks to fit in with everyone's needs.
03 This is not a mature-based roleplay, so please keep rated content in the appropriate rooms, walls, and private messages. No character death. No OOC drama. IC drama is permissible if discussed between both parties. Please discuss with your partners about triggering plots before going through with them. Also minors are not allowed unfortunately. we don't want to risk anything. you'll have two warnings if you're caught causing ooc drama or doing crack roleplaying. third time will result in getting removed without notice.
04 Inactivity is set for 2 weeks. A warning will be sent after that and you will have 48 hours to respond before removal. Everyone is always welcome to join back since characters are deactivated for at most 1 week.
05 Comment below the full name of your character. Reservations last for 48 hours. Please check the wishlist if you need help for a faceclaim. There is no limit for how many characters you may have. Second character is permitted at 100 points and third is at 100 points using your second character, and so on, and so forth. just keep in mind that all of them must be active
06 Hiatus period is given up to three weeks. If you need a longer time period, then feel free to ask the admin(s). Let us know the time you will approximately return. PM the admin(s) if you plan on leaving. Do not leave a comment.  
07 The password is the username you wish for your character. Think of it like any other social media username. 
08 all orientations are allowed here. please be mindful AND diverse in terms of orientations. try to keep everything at an equal ratio please. that includes having females and males be at an approximately equal amount. no mpreg or fpreg is allowed. we want to keep this rp as realistic as a supernatural rp can be.
09 You are not limited to being a supernatural being. You may also be a human who is interested in using IMPERIAL! If there are any further questions/concerns, feel free to ask the admin(s) or look here. Remember, this is an aurp, therefore there is no crack roleplaying here. Please keep IC chatting to a minimum and roleplay in the rooms too. do not ignore others! i can't stretch this point enough. interact with everyone. you might just make some new friends!
10 Most importantly, have fun! Follow the rules (I know it's long, but they're important) and I hope IMPERIAL is an amazing roleplay experience for you!
#magical town au roleplay
#supernatural online dating au
#opened june 1st!
registered users!
FULL NAME: self-explanatory
AGE: Any age 18+, but make it realistic
ORIENTATION: Everyone is important
OCCUPATION: Think small and magical town-wise
SUPERNATURAL RACE: YES / NO, and what is it if yes is chosen
BIOGRAPHY: The more detailed, the better
PERSONALITY: Both positive and negative traits
IDEAL TYPE(S): Make this as detailed as possible! Can be both characteristic and physical traits
PASSWORD: Read the rules
check out our padlet for special features like updates, confessions, and ost's (you can even recommend some)! 
09/17 | congratulations to seora and matthew, our newly featured members!
to become an affiliate, pm  any of the admins!
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a+r song dahye for me
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alright could i get a hwang tiffany please?
lovebomb 1 week ago
hello, please add and reserve actor jung haein! thanks.
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Matt and Jisung need a hiatus for three weeks orz
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Please put koki and dongwoon on hiatus for a month : " D
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add & reserve kiko mizuhara for me, please.
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uh you can take my charas off of hiatus bub < 3
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a&r hwang hyunjin, pls?
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hello imperial my old friend
it's ya boi chien back again
might i request yihua back?
say no, and i might hav heart attacc
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hey babes can i cc taemin to hyungwon ;; everything would be the same except the new username would be wonderful c: ♥
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