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αℓρнα || вєтα || σмєgα
About us
Welcome to αвσ. A city where humans and hybrids chose to try and live in harmony. Yet, due to their 'subtypes' it is still hard to maintain full peace.
Humans, are just humans, and for a long time, they thought themselves superior to the ones called 'hybrids'. Despite this, they've come to realize that their subtypes are divided in the same way.
When hitting puberty, they'll present as either, αℓρнα, вєтα or σмєgα. And this will define their place in society.
If you present as an αℓρнα, you are still thought superior to the other two subtypes. You are seen as a leader that your friends and trusted ones should follow and respect.
If you present as a вєтα, you will still be somewhat respected, though alphas will still be seen 'superior', and omegas will still be seen as 'inferior'.
Lastly, if you present as an σмєgα, you will be at the bottom of society. Most alphas and betas will see you as inferior to them, and want you to follow their orders.
Of course not everyone presents as what their personality corresponds to. Which might make it difficult and make some omegas or betas want to lead instead, or make some alphas unfit for leadership.
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wong yukhei || BAE JOOHYUN
rules of conduct
01. Fav the roleplay :)
02. You can get a 2nd character after upvoting the rp. You can get the 3rd character after 100p. etc.. but make sure to keep them all active. (For the 4th pm and admin and ask ^^)
03. IC drama is allowed but keep it that way. No OOC drama. Three strikes and you're out.
04. Inactivity warning after 10 days. You'll get a warning and then have 3 days to reply before you get kicked out.
05. If going on hiatus or leaving please inform an admin.
06. If you have any problems please pm an admin and we'll solve it :)
07. All pov's allowed but give your partner a decent reply and show them you're putting in an effort.
08. All orientations and internationals allowed :)
09. Mpreg is allowed but no one is forced to! Discuss it with your partner previously and make sure they're okay with it.
10. Non-con can be plotted within limits, make sure both parties are okay with it, and try to keep it on walls or pms.
11. Keep , on rated rooms, walls or pms.
12. To bond, or knot with someone, both parties should agree to it, and then inform one of the admins)
13Very Important! - Both your character and your face claim should be above 18 y/o
extra info
Dorm VS Apartment
You can choose wether you want to live in a dorm and share it. (It can be either 2/4 people in each dorm). In a dorm alphas are only allowed to room with alphas, betas with betas, and omegas with omegas. You will be assigned a random dorm.
In an apartment you can either choose to have your own apartment, or share with a friend or your pack. The only limit being 8 people by apartment.
You can also start in a dorm and later ask to move into your own apartment, or the other way around.
To be added or add someone to an existing apartment, inform one of the admins.
You won't be assigned a pack from the beginning.  Instead You will talk to a leader or the alphas from the pack to join. In this roleplay, you are allowed to create, or join your own pack. You can create your own pack with the people who are closest to you, being that each pack should have at least 4 members, an alpha leader, and a beta or alpha vice-leader, that will take the role of protecting the other members if there's a problem, or if they get in trouble. If you meet someone new and you'd like to add them to your pack, you should ask the pack's alpha for their permission. The alpha can decide to allow them to join, or put them through a test.
Marking VS Bonding
An unowned omega, might be in danger when walking alone, and to protect themselves, they may ask a trusted alpha to mark them with their scent. This doesn't make them officially mates, it simply gives the omega the protection of having an alpha's scent on them.
Bonding on the other hand, is when you officially want to make someone yours. You can choose who you want to mate with. Be it A/A, B/B, O/O, A/B, A/O or B/O. To bond, both parties should accept to be officially bonded to one another.
Humans VS Hybrids
Some humans, are simply humans, while others have the ability to shift into their wolf form, making them 'hybrids'. Hybrids have been around for as long as humans have, if not longer, but are now way less common.
Pure blood hybrids, are in control of when they shift into their other form, while mixed bloods, are hybrids that come from a relationship between a human and an hybrid. They can't control their own bodies as well as pure blood hybrids, and often end up shifting to their wolf form in situations of intense emotions.
How to join
On the rules page, you will find a deeper explanation of each A/B/O category, plus a few important information. Based on that information, choose a muse that makes you happy (and is not taken) and comment their full name.
One of the admins will then proceed to add them to the masterlist and you'll have 48 hours to apply, following the application form on the right down corner.
After we accept you, you just have to put up a small profile and a dp (no need for a full on layout if you don't want to), and start socializing. Make friends and I'm sure soon you'll be invited to join a pack or have enough friends to create your own pack :)
Good luck~

Males - 25
Females - 5

αℓρнα - 10
вєтα - 6
σмєgα - 14
featured members || Most active
Min Yoongi || Woo Dohwan
  application form
  name & age:
  heat or rut: (for betas)
  scent description:
  pure/mixed blood: (for hybrids)


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Panda_PrinceJae 7 months ago
is this rp still open?
djinnamon 8 months ago
Reece King pls
tenpachi 9 months ago
I’m so sorry to say this, but Zhengting and Shoma will be going.
It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
ubebread 9 months ago
hi sorn is leaving. thank you for having me <3
pinwheel 10 months ago
jungkook dipped
kodachrome 10 months ago
Yuqi left, thanks for having me!
ChoiKyun 10 months ago
Kim Jisoo please
RabInA 10 months ago
Can you add Myou Mina for me?
Amberflame 10 months ago
OuO May I snag Lee Donghae for a 3rd character now that I have over 100 points on Kyu?
-promise 11 months ago
Can you add Hanyu Yuzuru and Son Dongju
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