ㅤㅤ〔ㅤSINISTERㅤACADEMYㅤ〕 — ❝ ᴅᴜʟᴄᴇ ᴘᴇʀɪᴄᴜʟᴜᴍ ❞ ╱ villains au, open and accepting! ╱ event one: blackout is out!

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Hello and welcome! Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for clicking here, and joining if you do, and thank you for wanting to be apart of the roleplay. It means a lot that you even showed interest in this little project of mine, and I hope that you all can feel at home here and enjoy yourselves. I was originally supposed to open this roleplay last year, and then again at the start of this year, but I held off doing so until now. Like I said, it is my hope that you guys can make this place a home away from home and enjoy yourselves, enjoy the features of the roleplay, the events and the characters here. It is my goal to make this place feel welcoming, but also inspiring, and maybe with your help, we can achieve that goal.
Hello and welcome pt 2! If you're reading here, we just want to let you know that events and rooms and more features of the roleplay will be unlocked later on, but for now we are seeking one more admin. This person must have a kkt, must be able to help with events and features of the roleplay, updating things in the roleplay, and they must be able to contribute new ideas. That is all we're asking for so far, so if you're interested, then let us know in your comment or when you join and we'll talk with you on that.
description of the roleplay
Consider yourself lucky, Sin City citizen! You have been selected to join one of the most invigorating and beneficial schools for aspiring villains around the country, Sinister Academy.
If you’re receiving this letter in the mail, that means we’ve had an eye on you for quite some time, and according to what we’ve observed, you are one of many potential students already three steps closer to the career of your dreams. Fortunately, we can help make life even easier for you.
With your credentials, we've noticed you own an immense amount of knowledge and skill that can demonstrate the drive and commitment needed for our school, and we want to offer you the chance to develop that into the full blown villainous career of your choice. All you have to do is sign up (online, through the mail, by phone, or in person), get interviewed, and wait for your letter of acceptance!
For details concerning the school, or to send us your questions or concerns, please contact these resources:
— the school information hotline: (123) 456-7890
— the school website: sinisteracademy.org/contact
— the address provided at the bottom of the letter.
OOC Description
Let us spare you a brief description of this roleplay, in case you needed more clarification. We’re all villains in some form — whether it be villains-in-training or villain coaches — at a school called Sinister Academy, located underground beneath a made-up city we call Blackvale. This school is unknown to the public (we’re doing illegal things, of course), as it’s specifically catered to teaching individuals to become a better villain.
So Heroes? Those do-gooders who strive to spark inspiration in the weak and give them hope against even the most daunting of situations? The cape-wearing bastards displayed on a poster plastered in the hall of your nearest movie theatre? You’re not going to find those ridiculous, leotard-wearing imbeciles here. It’s all evil, really. Well, to put it in better words, we’re all SINISTER. No one can really stop you from wreaking havoc on the city unless you let them, and even then will you still be able to get your way.
So have fun, let loose. Commit crimes like no other, but please remember that we encourage participation in missions and side quests, or events in general. We also included a monetary system called Bux where you can purchase things for and in the roleplay. And how do you get money? By participating in events.
rules & guidelines
1 · Favorite the rp. You don’t have to upvote but it would be much appreciated.
2 · This is an au rp. We highly encourage you to be creative with your characters and will highly encourage you to actually roleplay. If you need an idea or example of what kind of characters you can have, check out an admin’s character bio.
3 · Marriage and pregnancy (no mpreg/fem preg), violence (like roughhousing and bar fights), drug abuse, in character drama, and such are allowed. Just be sure you a) keep it in designated zones (ie: on walls/in pms), b) make sure to include trigger warnings for certain things (ie: violence and drug use) when appropriate, and c) have your partner's consent. You are not allowed to kill each other though yet.
4 · We accept any celebrity of any ual orientation so long as they are 18 or older IRL.
5 · Second characters will be unlocked once the rp reaches 30 favorites and once you have one active and visible thread going, unless you prereserved two characters. Thirds will be unlocked at 55 favorites and when you have at least three active threads going.
6 · Activity is not stressed, but you will be marked inactive after two weeks. We strive to be a completely chill rp where you can just come and go as you please. With that said, we do not expect the chats to stay lit 24/7, and we plan to be a more slow-paced rp. If you happen to be marked inactive, you will be kicked without warning.
7 · Keep the ual talk/acts and gifs/pics to your walls and pms. We don’t want that in the chat.
8 · Out of character drama will not be tolerated at all. Leave any drama you are in wherever it is and/or handle that in private. If you are caught disturbing multiple people or if an admin receives multiple complaints about you, you will be given a warning. Any further issues and you will be kicked.
9 · Do interact with the other members of the roleplay, especially the newcomers. No one likes feeling left out and ignored, so please make an effort to talk outside of your group of friends every now and again. You should also refrain from posting things like "/sits and watches quietly" or any similar post if you expect people to talk to you. You get what you give. Please, please, please do not face-chase either.
10 · Please set up your profiles as soon as possible. Use the provided roleplaying rooms as well.
how to join & application
1 · Please read through all of the rules and read this part (the How to Join section) very carefully. After that, make sure you've favorited the rp, then comment with the following format. Those who do not will be ignored.
Comment Format:
Villain Alias: (if you can't think of one, try using the color of your shirt and an object to your right. You can always change later.)
Staff or Student:
Favorite Villain:
2 · Please read all of the rules and this section (the How to Join section) very carefully.
3 · Fill out the following app in its entirety.
App Type:
Staff: (State the class you teach or look at our list of available positions.)
Student: (All students start at rank one; choose five classes from our list.)
Out of Character:
Timezone: (GMT format, please.)
Reservation Password: (It's the last thing we ask for in your comment.)
Other charaters you have or will have:
In Character:
Full Name:
Villain Alias:
Date of Birth/Age IRL: (Desired character must be 18 or older.)
Date of Birth/Age in the roleplay: (Cannot be modified beyond 5 years; must be at least 18 IC.)
Type of criminal you want to be:
A Villain that inspires you and why:
Strengths: (4 minimum.)
Weaknesses: (4 minimum.)
4 · Put "-it-up Frank" at the end of your app or you will not be accepted.
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Opened up the roleplay on the 5th of June in 2018 and started accepting folks into it.
est. 05 June 2018


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breathes 19 hours ago
yoongi left, i don't see myself being that active here and i don't want to hold up this character
thank you and best of luck!
breath97 22 hours ago
Face claim: Park Jihoon
Villain alias: 1004 aka Angel
Staff ot student: Student
Favorite villain: Goblin
breath97 22 hours ago
Face claim: Lee Taemin
Villain alias: 1004 aka Angel
Staff ot student: Student
Favorite villain: Goblin
Taengsic 1 day ago
Face Claim: Dove Cameron
Villain Alias: Abere
Staff or student: student
Fav villain: joker
jjpbap 1 day ago
faceclaim: song yuqi
villain alias: the scream
staff or student: student
favorite villain: harley quinn
hakyeomma 1 day ago
hello loves, i have to go ;; but can we keep jungwoo deactivated? i’ve got a lot to focus on and i know i cant be active right now, but i wanna come back later ;;
aestheticallylazy 2 days ago
hello, my muse has been dwindling for this place for a while now — i'll have to dip for a bit, but i may come back! would it be alright if you deactivate minkyung? ; u ;
prompto 3 days ago
faceclaim: baek wonwoo
villain alias: soul sacrifice
staff or student: student
favorite villain: dio from jjba
tsukino 3 days ago
i'm sorry but i'll have to go :")
best of luck!
mangaji 4 days ago
I apologize for the short stay and abrupt departure, but it is time to yukhei / hei mao to be taking an early leave
my deepest apologies to everyone who asked to rp, thank you for giving me and my character a chance (despite not yet having a solid background or profile up)
I wish the best for this place! thank you again for everything
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