❥ LADI DADI ❝ Every day fiesta! ❞ ☆ bingle bangle 2.0 ! ☆ softer than cotton ☆ read everything before joining !! co-admins needed !!! we need girls !!!!

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엉덩이일 흔들어 봐

빙글뱅글 뱅뱅 빙글뱅글

엉덩일 흔들어 봐

빙글뱅글 뱅뱅 빙글뱅글

엉덩일 흔들어 봐

est. 06 05 2018
original by sourpeach

About the rp

bingle bangle was a soft family orientated place that sadly flopped. well not here, or at least hopefully! if you're not going to be active or make an effort to say something - even if it's just sh*tposting, then exit out of here. this place is meant to share good summer vibes, help you make friends, get you to join in on fun events - not for you to just sit there and look pretty. ladi dadi is home of the beautiful idiots who like to get down and funny, get it? so if you're ready for such a thing, then come on in. the water is cool, the parfaits are delicious and--- hmm, that's all i can think of to say here. admin saerom signing off (but not really because i need to do stuff..)

co-admin notes below

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seriously, if you're too busy or just wanting to have another character in your long list, don't join.

rules & guidelines

ONE when speaking ooc in a ic room, please use {} [] ()

TWO keep your ooc drama out of here. if we see it, we will pull the participants in a group chat to sort it out.

THREE 2nd characters unlock at 20 faves. 3rd characters unlock when your 1st and 2nd reach 600pts. 4th characters unlock with an upvote. face claims can not be form the same group. only accepting a handful of none asian internationals.

FOUR leave your rpr popularity and kkt friendships at the door. you are not you in this rp, you are your faceclaim. no user or face chasing. everyone give each other a chance at friendship/love.

FIVE no move in couples. dating ban of 5 days, take your time falling for someone - love at first sight isn't as common as you believe. pregnancy, marriage, and adoption is allowed for 21+ face claims.

SIX inactivity is set for a week, a 24hr warning will be issued to you before resulting in you getting kicked out. you may rejoin though!

SEVEN there are two chatrooms so no one is left out or drowning. so i don't want to hear any complaints unless you are honest to god, being ignored.

EIGHT hiatuses may only last up to 4 weeks. you will receive a 24hr notice before being kicked. you may rejoin though.

NINE rooms might be rated, but don't get too nasty, okay? thank you lol


rules will be added our changed if needed.

How to Join & App

ONE comment below the stage name (unless they don't have one)

TWO if wanting to be an admin, your timezone can not be gmt-5!

THREE password: which rules stood out to you?


group/occupation: here

full name: here

password: here

did anyone recommend this rp to you?: here

name of who recommended it to you: here


Favorite the rp before joining. you have 48hrs of reservation.




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fridayschild 1 year ago
Jin has left
PUDDIN 1 year ago
jimin left;;
SatinDoll_LXIX 1 year ago
Solbin gtg sorry
oceani 2 years ago
somebody ate the chicken
-lavelycode 2 years ago
uh BTS' Hoseok, Ladies' Code's Ashley or GOT7's Yugyeom? u n u
SatinDoll_LXIX 2 years ago
a&r laboum's solbin for me please? <3
baby-groot 2 years ago
boy or girl?
the_lovely_bunny 2 years ago
Tzuyu pls
2b2028157644e510079d 2 years ago
geniuslab 2 years ago
ten for me? c:
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