☆ paradιѕe cιтy : ιdol+ cιтy! aυ。вe anyone relaтed тo тнe ιdol ιndυѕтry!

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typealternate universe
statusopen and accepting!
created by taebreeze
lee taeyong
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kim jiho
lee felix
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infoboxabout us
welcome to paradise city, an idol-centric au rp where you can be anyone related to the idol industry. from CEOs of entertainment companies, the crew behind idols, idols, trainees working to the top to even paparazzi, reporters and fansites! other than that, the rp's setting is also in a city. which means you'll get to mingle and meet other people out of your job scope around town. who knows you might just find love in the least expected place. wink wink. so come join us now! we'll be sure to give you an unforgettable experience. this rp is a revamp of sorts, a 2.0 if you will. please enjoy your stay!
updated : 00/00/00
ruleshow to join
one : please favourite the rp! upvotes aren't compulsory but greatly appreciated.
two : all povs are accepted here but as we're an au rp, please keep ic and DO NOT act like an idol unless you are one. ooc chats go in the ooc room.
three : all orientations are accepted here. #lovewins. move in couples are allowed. also no dating ban, weeee.
four : only on walls and pms. we have innocent kiddies here. the password you are looking for is: eggplant. (don't ask y.)
five : the "inactive" sign will show up after 5 days of inactivity, you have 24h to rid yourself of inactivity. failure to do so will result in getting kicked out. (but feel free to rejoin.)
six : maximum three characters per soul. second is free while third can only be attained after you reach 1k points on your first.
seven : if you have any questions, feel free to direct them to the admins. in case you need a semi-hiatus/hiatus please pm us as well.
updated : 00/00/00
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rimirin 17 hours ago
a+r park sooyoung (joy) pls
thegreatlesbini 17 hours ago
a+r krystal jung please
petty-u 17 hours ago
a+r im jaebum
nuestw 1 day ago
hi could i get a hiatus for 5 weeks?
maya_carter12 2 days ago
Pls add Kim da hyun for me
babypie 2 days ago
pls add koo junhoe for me
nikaunni 2 days ago
Taecyeon has left, sorry!
balmain 4 days ago
ded can you add lee minhyung as my 2nd chara pls
motorcycle 4 days ago
Please add and reserve Do Kyungsoo for me~
balmain 5 days ago
add and reserve son hyejoo for me pls
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