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a new tale: a new beginning: a new world




this is the beginning of your new story, new tale. you might have been just a normal human before this, scrolling down your phone on your way to school, work or maybe you were just laying down in bed. maybe you were just simply on your computer when the ad popped up, advertising a game. 'a new tale: a new beginning: a new world' it shows you small clips of characters you may pick as your fighter but will you click? will you pick your fighter? little do you know as you click on the chosen image you are summoned right away into the new world as that specie. good thing about the new wolrd is that you don't age anymore from moment you entered, bad thing? well this world is not joking when it says you have only one life. read about your character carefully, adapt to the game world. the rumors say that when you reach final level you come back to normal world, but is it true? do you want to? here nobody knows you because of your past, they now see you as a character you have chosen. the character who begins his new life story.










rules and guidelines


1. this is alternative universe, your own paced rp, so no matter how slow or fast you can rp just find partners that are fine with your roleplaying pace and your detailed or less detailed rping and have fun.

2. this roleplay is a game au which means you get tasks to do to level up and develop your character it can be your own paced but the tasks is encouraging you to roleplay with other people. meaning face chasing is a no, roleplay with others as well, also quests might save you trouble from plotting troubles ♥

3. no ooc drama, yes being in same rp as someone you blocked or dislike might be troublesome and hard to ignore but this is au rp where you have to spend more time in actual rooms than spam or ic etc. so as long you focus on actual roleplaying i don't think you two will cross each other's paths. though if there is still trouble pm admins.

4. the chanted word is... if not clear chanted word stands for the drowssap lol. so it is *drums roll* so are you good guy or a bad guy?

5. second character is allowed when your first character reaches level 3 + make blog about the rp with the link leading here feel free to write there your wishes and who knows maybe someone will see and join!




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how to
join this place

you will find how to join section and application form in the rules just to help you out i'll tell you that you are currently in descriprion.

just in case you still feel lost do click here to teleport.

interested in co-admin position? (yes we do need them) but will only decide who to pick after a week to check how active you are and if you won't leave rp after week.


height not fixed. type as much as you wanna. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


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baekhosbubblebutt 1 month ago
is this place active?
nymphaea 6 months ago
yukhei left, sorry. thank you for having me!
Yuri-chan 7 months ago
Oh shiet I just saw it’s on hiatus..
Yuri-chan 7 months ago
Reserve changmo for me

Jaehyo sent me ;)
BangJaeLoallDaeHimUp 7 months ago
I actually have to go this time, I’m thinking about leaving ;; I’m sorry I love you
kimochi-ikiso 8 months ago
wonjae left. sorry ; n ;
BangJaeLoallDaeHimUp 8 months ago
I’m getting busy again, so Kwon Hyuk will be having to leave ;; I’m sorry
I really like this character and thing place, so if it’s possible could you not get rid of everything? I might come back, but if not I would understand
baekhosbubblebutt 9 months ago
a&r cory hong please?
--sunshine 9 months ago
jeongguk please and thank you?
poocas 9 months ago
chanyeol out. thanks for the amazing stay BBS ♡
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