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est. 2018 ✕ ver. 1 ✕ btb

about the gallery ✕
This layout gallery (dump) is owned by nucleus. On AFF, this layout dump is named as "Telepathy Layout" which then renamed as back to basic too. Most of the layouts here are minimal, with two color combination only. 
rules using the layout ✕
one. Favorite the thread. Do not remove credits and redistribute the layout as yours. 
two. Comment if using my layouts. 
three. Minor editing of my layouts are allowed. Just remember to keep the credit intact.



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Using bloom
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using bloom
acuteassmess 1 week ago
using my precious!
inertialsunflower 1 week ago
using id card 2
yangyang 1 week ago
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GoblinAngel 1 week ago
using pinkish
hojicha 3 weeks ago
using id card 2 thanks!!
Mikhun 1 month ago
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littleshaq 1 month ago
using bloom thank youuu
snqzqz 1 month ago
Using away thank you
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