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est. 2018
my little
admin k
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scroll down.
our first event is currently
being planned uwu
check in once in a while to see
when we start c:
about us.
as a child, we were told to be
afraid of them. that there was
scary monsters hiding under
our beds.  that the monsters
would hurt us...

now humans..
who lived their lives unsure if
they should trust these 
monsters or not. who believed
that monsters couldn't be 
back then, there was always a 
divide between the two species
but what happened when 
suddenly, hybrids appeared?
a mix of both their human and
monster parent. they were
outcasted even more so.

but recently times have begun
to change, and although
some humans didnt like
monsters, and monsters didn't
like humans. 
they began to live together
in peace. thanks to a shared
love for something....
our idols.
loved and cherished by
their fans and more.
but what a majority dont
realize is that many of our
idols happen to not just be all
humans... there are monsters
and hybrids as well!
welcome to
my little monster!

a monster/human rp.

here we explore the
idol world where
halfhuman/monsters, monsters, and humans
co exist in secrecy.

often our monsters
and half monsters take on
human forms to blend with the human idols. 
some idols dislike the monster idols and vice versa, but for sake of keeping all our dreams together. we live in a secret harmony with one another.

lets explore
my little monster together!

go to rules room for a 
little disclaimer after
reading these rules!
1. favorite the rp! (upvotes aren't mandatory but loved)
2. no ooc drama.
you get 3 warnings 
against you and you're out.

3. due to realistic standards
there will be a 5 day dating ban. get to know everyone!

4. this is a only rp. no gals.
5. mpreg is allowed.
( make them cute
monster babies *wink* ). But please, do me mindful and respect others who aren't comfortable with Mpreg.
6. 3 chara limit unless all
charas exceed 600 pts each.
then unlimited chara
is allowed.

(better keep them active or else. )
7. 5 day inactive, warning on 6th day, removed on 7th day if you do not respond.. 
8.  hiatus limits are currently for 3 weeks only. semi hiatus are limited to 3 weeks as well.
9. PLEASE specify what monster you are in your aplication if you're a hybrid of full monster. Simply put human if you're just an ordinary human.  
password is :
favorite idol group.
10. comment below to
reserve your chara for 24 hrs.
we do not tolerate face
chasing. an admin will
call you out. be warned.
application ex.
idols name : Min Yoongi
Race : Dragon Hybrid
idols group : BTS
timezone : -4/-5 EST
password : Look for it
062718 newly opened!
063018 we've hit 40+
favorites! planning an
event to celebrate c:
も済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。
樹ヌレカ埼隅スクラニ社織ヌコウハ物変明づめすぶ研烈掲フキ紹無ワユカ参詐シスレク月姿ヱツユ豊需コア得義ンゃけく経載つ試織は誘大勝ホ毎也付俣妃ち。禁を転事ナセシサ来上リヤ化曜サラヌリ番田ぞび充取礎二ツワカハ読回提ざめも済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。


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