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Once Upon A Time
A Disney-ish themed roleplay.
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Amberdale has been taken over by The Dark Side. Our king has been assassinated.
basic info.
Welcome to Amberdale.This is where your dreams and maybe your nightmares come to reality. You may think this is just a dream but no sweetie. This is just one twisted world that is battling between good and evil. Which side will you choose? Will you find love? Hate? It is all your choice here so choose wisely.

Amberdale was a beautiful kingdom filled with good and peace and ruled by a widely loved King. Until one day, The Dark Side assassinated our beloved King and took our people as slaves for their own entertainment. Amberdale is just not the same anymore once The Dark Lord/King (you decide once you are chosen) took over. Everything is in ruins, to find such beauty we once held is so rare. Our people have not lost hope of being saved, yet. Besides Jimin, he is enjoying this a little too much.  
rules & guidelines.
Rule 1: No face chasing because nobody likes that.

Rule 2: No ooc drama, honestly don't you have anything better to do with your life than fight with someone you don't even know.

Rule 3: only in RATED rooms please. Rule 4: Please don't cheat on characters unless it is in plot, because I don't want other people coming to me to complain.

Rule 5: You get 2 strikes and you are out, I don't around. Rule 6: put a profile up, please.
In this world you could be whatever creature you want such as human, mermans, animal hybrids, and much more that fits your own type of fantasy. This roleplay is based off of Disney and the magic around it so you can even be royalty. Come Join us today to see what we are talking about.  
If you want to be the Dark lord/king, ask and we will attempt to background check to make sure you are a serious               roleplayer
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Name example:
Age (19 and up) example: 22
What are you? example: Fox creature
Evil or good? example
Pass: Favorite kink example:
est. 2017
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untruth 5 months ago
Sorry babies.
Jeon_YoongiShook 5 months ago
Akay is taking his leave. I have a lot of personal stuff going on
--sunshine 5 months ago
can i apply as jungkook?
goldengrass 5 months ago
jihoon left
luminaire 5 months ago
Hey since I’m not here a lot anymore I think I’m gonna leave, I don’t want to be hogging the character :(
yangyang 5 months ago
ten will be taking his leave ;; sorry
weishen 5 months ago
it's time for yukhei to be taking his leave
thank you for everything, I really enjoyed my time here and I wish only the best for the rp
untruth 5 months ago
can i have a second character? if so, reserve jang sunghoon please. also, is the position for 'dark lord' still available?
Jeon_YoongiShook 5 months ago
Akay xiu please ^^
goldengrass 5 months ago
can i have lee jihoon?
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