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Its 2019 in seoul korea, years long since creatures of all kind  proposed a truce of getting along in one place as the human race, as decades went by, not only has it became the most normal thing of them all LIVING in peace together, but also created many bonds of friendships and even love. it was only a matter of time before this town began to populate with mixed races of all kinds, despite the few in disagreement of the IDEA, this town became known for it. sooner than later, schools of all kinds were built from school of hybrids to universities for all, thats when THE JJI high school and university had been created. accepting beings of all kinds into a place of rules and undercover fun only they were capable of discovering. its a wonder, an exciting jolt of curiosity just what could unravel here. but you wouldnt dare pass up the chance to find out, would you?  prepare for whats aHead and take a risk, and  enroll today!  
DD.MM:  enrollment party /details in later announcement/
DD.MM: Praesent ac nulla tristique, scelerisque purus euismod.
DD.MM: Nullam non tristique dolor. 
featured resident
favorite the roleplay before or after commenting or you will not be accepted until done so. upvotes are optional (but appreciated) and your presence is mandatory, please do not waste a admins time of adding you if you are not willing to participate in the roleplay.
do not hog up characters and/or become wall flowers. you must reach at least 60pts upon arrival, if you have 0  points after 3 days prior to arrival, you will be kicked. you may rejoin, but if it happens a second time, you will be blacklisted.  
reservations stand during 12 hours, then they are deleted and/or free to whoever. and keep in mind, you can not reserve for a friend. 
inactivity is set for a week/7 days, your character will then be deactivated and later deleted if you do not reclaim them within 24 hours ( state in the comments, to re activate your character) pink slips
you are allowed 4 characters.  for a 2nd you must advertise the roleplay with a blog, then post in the comments you've done so ( with proof) to receive your 2nd chara. for a 3rd  chara, your 1st and 2nd must have over 500points. for a 4th,  you must advertise the rp again. you are allowed to cc as many times as you please, but you must post a comment requesting to.
hiatus is allowed no more than 2 weeks, but ofc extended if requested of any admin to. ooc drama and god-modding is not allowed and you will be kicked and blacklisted for it, facechasing and/or character harrassment (if not consented) is not allowed. 
use of rooms, roleplay threads and in-character interaction, we can not stress enough, is highly encouraged.  mpreg, normalpreg, fpreg, ect. is allowed,  dark themes such as , gore, angst are allowed (with the consent of other party) but only within rated m rooms. moving couples are allowed (required to comment indivisually, though). pink slips
when commenting, state full name (or stage name) and race desired.  when leaving, pm the main admin of your departure, do not post any leave comments or the admins  will delete the comment. 

more rules shall be added as seen fit, and do make sure you read the functions of the town section to uinderstand the roles/positions to be taken.  





functions|how things work
01. it is your choice to live inside the school dormitory or a rented apartment that you must keep PAID
( further instructions will be in the payments office. ) 
02. there are two educational buildings in town: JJI college and JJI high school, there are two dormitories in each BUILDING  divided as uke dormitory & seme dormitory. each have a dorm monitor to make sure no one sneaks out to the other dorm or leaves the dorm past late hours. but that doesnt mean you cant try to sneak your way around them.
03. if you get caught, its punish time! depending on who you were caught by you might not get punished or you will be punished, but not with a severe one.
if the dorm monitor catches you: they hAve the choice to  report you to the principle or punish you with dormitory work or do nothing and let you off.
if any other student catches you: they have the choice to report you to any authority. so, you better make friends if you arent sneaky enough!
if the principle happens to catch you, his punishments can range from anything as authority over teachers must punish if any rules are broken.
if you are a college or high school student you must attend class whenever a teacher/professors sends you to class. you have to wait in that teacher/professors classroom and take your seats!
if you do not attend any classes even after you HAVE been told to, the teacher will notify the principle about your abscene. it is the teacher and/or principle choice what will happen each time so keep a good attendance!
as for teachers when you see your high school/ college student you must keep track of who all attends classes and if you have seen your student but they didnt attend. if you slack on the job the principle has the rights to fire you if you ever get reported three times by any one!
needed residents: college professors, high school teachers, nurses, high school students, college students, janitors, principles, dorm monitors, bill employees, college gym teacher, high school gym teacher, college coach, high school coach, high school security guard, college security guard, high school cafeteria man.
your character can be any of the following: pure blood vampire (born vampire), changed vampire (you must come as a human then get a vampire here to change you) human, hybrid, werewolf, demon, ect.
ask a admin if its okay to be a different creature if you do not prefer neither listed.
the recommended ages for high school students are: freshmen-15, sophmore- 16, junior- 17, senior- 18.
the recommended ages for college students are: 20, 21, 22, 23.
the listed ages for staff can range to anything older than a student but of course it is your choice to make your character however old you want them to be, the listed ages are mere suggestions.
ukes and semes may interact together any where they please before and after class (yes they could share a class room and sit together at lunch as well) anywhere except the dorms, yet if you're sneaky enough to slip out of snitches or authorities sight, you are more than welcome there too, just dont be too loud or they might hear you or walk in on you.
we allow mpreg, if both parties ooc agreed internationals, in character drama ( this is why we insist no ooc talk anywhere except the ooc room in case you confuse in character personality with ooc ones) do not allow ooc drama, ignoring request to rp, we highly encourage everyone to rp with each other, hence the rules with each room and authority role, staff and dorm monitors not doing their job. so as stated before, we highly encourage everyone to interact and make this theme come alive. 
college students: 
high school stdnts: 
town population: 
staff or principle (teacher is considered staff) 
or student ( specify either hs or college) 
this section is for male only: uke, seme or switch (switch is dorm monitor)
  FEMALES INSTEAD, state if you would like to be dorm monitor.

Username - Reason
Username - Reason
Username - Reason
Username - Reason
Username - Reason
Username - Reason 


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hi i was wondering if its possible to add and reserve lay?
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can i have anastasia reserved as a vampire
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Hi, do you accept actors as their characters?
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can i have jihoon as a hybrid plss?
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can I have bts' jimin as a hybrid?
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can I Cc Doyoung to Monsta X sohn Hyunwoo please
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Can I get chanyeol please
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favorites and upvotes ahead of time
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