DWMA ~ A SOULEATER based matchmaking roleplay || NEW, OPEN, and ACCEPTING!

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down you go
The battle-ready meister that managed to create two Death Scythes on the same night serves as the headmaster for the DWMA in Death’s absence.
The strategic meister who managed to create a Death Scythe within her first semester at the DWMA. She currently reigns as student council president.
a death scythe weapon who serves as the head nurse of dwma. He may look young but his expertise and knowledge stack up like the many books in the library.
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application form :((Comment below which character you would like for us to add for you and then use this form. If you require A version to Copy and Paste, just let us know and we will get one to you. The form should be done in Character when applicable.))

Name: ((What is the muse’s name)) Godfrey Gao
(Group/Profession: What group or profession does your idol belong to?)) ((Model and Actor ))
Alias: ((Does your muse have a nickname or code name they go by?)) Titan How would like your name to appear in the roster? ((What name would you like to appear when you post?)) Titan
Age: ((How old is your character. Must be 18+)) 30
Weapon or Meister?: ((Is this character a weapon or a meister?)) Meister If you are a weapon, have you been made into a Death Scythe or if you are a meister, have you made a Death Scythe? Yes
If you are a weapon, what kind of weapon are you?(sword, gun, etc))  N/A
Student or Staff: ((Are you applying for a student or staff position with this character) Staff
If staff, which position are you applying for? ((Available positions are on the School Roster Page )) Librarian
Gender: ((How does your character self-identify?)) Male
ual Orientation: Straight ((GMT and Availability:)) ((GMT -5 Available most evenings and nights))
Do you already have a partner? If so, Who? If not, would you like to be added to the pool of those waiting to be paired? No and YES, I would like to be paired.
((Is An Option For you?)) ((Yes))
Describe yourself in a few sentences: I am straight forward kind of person who doesn’t like playing games, especially with things that matter. Sometimes I can be too serious and I don’t always get jokes or sarcasm right away. I absolutely love dogs because they are honest and loyal.
Describe your perfect partner: Someone who is laid-back, outgoing, and brave. Maybe someone who can help me lighten up a little bit and balance out the pair. Just not too silly and definitely not someone who likes to lie.
What do you hope to accomplish in your time at the DWMA? I’d like to find some more friends, help the students and maybe make another Death Scythe that is strong enough to surpass my last partner.

Death Weapon Meister Academy — International Edition **

Greetings and welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy ~ International Edition ** We have moved our premises to upstate New York, USA and have gone back to doing what we do best; creating Death Scythes for the one and only Death. Our hoppin’ new campus contains everything a burgeoning Meister or Weapon could need to help them in achieving their dreams; including spacious dorms, a delicious dining facility, multiple training arenas for sparring, a massive library, a high-tech gym, a state-of-the-art infirmary, and even a swimming pool! If that’s not enough for our students, the nearby town of Sleepy Hollow has shops, restaurants, and an exciting nightlife for the young to blow off steam or their hard-earned cash.

Interested in going down in history for creating or being one of the most powerful of Death Scythes? Not a problem! Enrolling at the DWMA is easy-peasy. Just fill out the form and one of our staff will get you sorted in a jiff. Or two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Whichever is quickest. Might have to get the science department to look into that. Curious as to what I am even talking about? Check out our brochure!

rules and regulations:

1. Everyone is welcome! All nationalities, orientations, and genders can find a home here provided they contribute in some way to the DWMA as either students or staff. To enter the DWMA, one must be 18 or older. Not quite the big 1 8 yet? Have no fear, you can always apply when you get there. ((Muse must be at least 18 years old.))
2. There is no population limit. We can get as many students and staff within these walls as needed. (( Please only request characters that you can be active on, we will not limit the number of muses in any other way.)) 3.  Be kind and respectful to the staff and other students ((especially ooc)). Disciplinary actions can and will be taken against those endangering the DWMA ((though drama for character development is encouraged)).
4.  If you’ve got extra energy to burn, try the playroom! It’s soundproof and has a ball pit. ((please keep crack in the crack room)).
5.  Relationships of all kinds are welcomed at the DWMA but we do ask that couples be mindful of their fellow residents too. Every soul here is special and worth getting to know. ((There isn’t a relationship ban but please be inclusive. Please do not indulge in face chasing or selective replies)).
6.  Make sure that you show up to your missions and classes unless you’re on special assignment ((hiatus. Please let us know beforehand if you need to go on hiatus. Inactivity is set to one week)).
7.  Don’t forget, once accepted you are a member of the DWMA so please act accordingly ((This is an AU rp, the muses are not idols)).
8.  Didn’t come to the DWMA with a battle buddy? No problem! We will set you up with a weapon or meister to help you become the strongest you can be. ((This is a matchmaking rp but the matchmaking isn’t necessarily romantic. Platonic friendships, bro and sismances are always acceptable partnerships too. ))
9.  Missions are not only essential for creating Death Scythes, but they are part of your overall grade so make sure you get them done! ((Missions are issued to partners every two weeks and they last for two weeks. More info on the missions page.))


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sushiramen 10 months ago
Finally get to apply for Shannon ;;
Can I ask for a kind favor from one of the admins? ;;
BubblegumWitch 10 months ago
Lily Macapinlac please. Sorry I didn't apply earlier something popped up.
smolpotato 10 months ago
Could I get Jennie?
kogane 10 months ago
can i reserve two people? :’)
SHInfinite_93 10 months ago
Is Jungkook from BTS available??
babypotato 10 months ago
my wonpili :c
PureWildness 10 months ago
hi, I reserved meixin.. could she be added, thanks..
katsuki 10 months ago
baby-groot 10 months ago
Kim Dongyoung please
BambiiBlossoms 10 months ago
rolls in here
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