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admin message
Hello and welcome to the rp! I'll try to be as brief as possible, but this is main admin Ten welcoming you and thanking you for joining if you do! This rp is a remake of my old rp Bloodied Beauty and it's going to function pretty much the same way with a few differences here and there. Anyway, though, please enjoy the rp to the fullest and have a good time! We'd love to have you here with us.
Hello and welcome pt 2! Right now we don't really have anything to report seeing as this is the grad reopening of the roleplay, so simply just enjoy the roleplay and all it has to offer you!
description of the roleplay
In a land full of beasts, there’s bound to be some beauties. The world is not kind to humans, nor has it ever been- but with the existence of demons, that may all change for a handful of people.
, fame, money, murder, you name it. It’s all possible after a quick negotiation with a being much more sinister than you reckon it to be. The price of the human’s request may be a limb or two, their ability to speak, a cherished memory, or perhaps their firstborn. Anything goes. They say life becomes more valuable when it’s about to end… Thus, tread carefully for the waters can be quite unforgiving in this realm of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.
rules & guidelines
1 · Favorite the rp. You don’t have to upvote but it would be much appreciated.
2 · This is an au rp. We highly encourage you to be creative with your characters and will highly encourage you to actually roleplay. If you need an idea or example of what kind of characters you can have, check out an admin’s character bio.
3 · Marriage and pregnancy (no mpreg/fem preg because you can adopt), violence (like roughhousing and bar fights), drug abuse, in character drama, and such are allowed. Just be sure you a) keep it in designated zones (ie: on walls/in pms), b) make sure to include trigger warnings for certain things (ie: violence and drug use) when appropriate, and c) have your partner's consent.
4 · We accept any celebrity of any ual orientation so long as they are 18 or older IRL.
5 · Second characters will be unlocked once the rp reaches 30 favorites and once you have one active and visible thread going. Thirds will be unlocked at 55 favorites and when you have at least three active threads going.
6 · Activity is not stressed, but you will be marked inactive after 8 days. We strive to be a completely chill rp where you can just come and go as you please. With that said, we do not expect the chats to stay lit 24/7, and we plan to be a more slow-paced rp. If you happen to be marked inactive, you will be kicked without warning.
7 · Keep the ual talk/acts and gifs/pics to your walls and pms. We don’t want that in the chat.
8 · Out of character drama will not be tolerated at all. Leave any drama you are in wherever it is and/or handle that in private. If you are caught disturbing multiple people or if an admin receives multiple complaints about you, you will be given a warning. Any further issues and you will be kicked.
9 · Do interact with the other members of the roleplay, especially the newcomers. No one likes feeling left out and ignored, so please make an effort to talk outside of your group of friends every now and again. You should also refrain from posting things like "/sits and watches quietly" or any similar post if you expect people to talk to you. You get what you give. Please, please, please do not face-chase either.
10 · Please set up your profiles as soon as possible. Use the provided roleplaying rooms as well.
how to join & application
1 · Please read through all of the rules and read this part (the How to Join section) very carefully. After that, make sure you've favorited the rp, then comment with the following format. Those who do not will be ignored.
Comment Format:
Faceclaim's Full Name:
Beauty or Beast:
If Beauty, state your occupation.
If Beast, state what type of demon your are. (Click here to see which ones we allow.)
2 · Please read all of the rules and this section (the How to Join section) very carefully.
3 · Fill out the following app in its entirety.
App Type:
Beauty: (Tell us what you choose to sacrifice and why.)
Beast: (Tell us what you choose to receive and why.)
Out of Character:
Timezone: (GMT format, please.)
Preferred Writing Style: (Script, Para, Multi-para, etc.)
Preferred POV:
In Character:
Full Name:
Date of Birth/Age IRL: (Desired character must be 18 or older.)
Date of Birth/Age in the roleplay: (Cannot be modified beyond 5 years; must be at least 18 IC.)
At least 3 sentences about where they are from:
At least 3 sentences about where they want to be:
Strengths: (5 minimum; for your personality.)
Weaknesses: (5 minimum; for your personality.)
4 · Wait to be accepted.
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Opened up the roleplay on the 19th of July in 2018 and started accepting folks into it.


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xicewolf 9 months ago
Mary finally slipped out. Thanks for letting me join loves ♥
PrinceSUJU 9 months ago
I've applied for kim taehyung
Sumnixk 9 months ago
I just got to this site and this looks interesting so pls help me lmao
BASELINE 10 months ago
jinsook has left, thanks for the fun!! <3
whipped 10 months ago
kim taehyung will be leaving
taemint 10 months ago
sorry for the short stay! i'll be leaving jungkook. good luck though!
Mikhun 10 months ago
Kyungjoo left.
person 10 months ago
Minatozaki Sana
knight of hell
chrysalism 10 months ago
im nayeon
-baekby 10 months ago
yura / kim ah-young
knight of hell
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