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Vampire academy。
Your parents always warned you about the night, about the darkness that somehow worked its way into even the smallest cracks. They told you to never go out at night alone, to always be prepared, and to never go into the forest. They told you stories, they told you about people suspiciously disappearing, they told you about creatures that they dubbed The Night Lurkers. A part of you was skeptical about all of this - they were just stories to you, you never really paid much heed to them.
But you should have.
Especially when the people you love, the people you've grown up with start suspiciously disappearing. You never hear from them again but you continue to blow up their phones, hoping, praying that they'll respond or even open up your messages. But they don't. The message is left unseen, unopened, and you're left sitting there without closure, without answer. You hear rumors about The Night Lurkers but the people who start them suddenly vanish without a trace, like they didn't even exist. Even their parents have no idea who you speak of. Their entire existence had been wiped clean.
You, a human, could not fathom the world you have yet to discover.
You could not even realize the dangers, the bloodshed, the murder, that lurks around the corners ever night.
You could not even believe the stories your own parents warned you about.
Your naive little mind could not comprehend that humans are not just the only species to occupy earth.
You are not alone.
They will always be there; lurking in the night, hiding in the shadows. They are the ones with red eyes, sharp fangs, and a thirst for your blood. They are the Night Lurkers. And if you're not careful enough, if you don't know how to keep your mouth shut, you will be next.
however, there are humans who know of the night lurker but they hide their knowledge of them in secrecy, playing ignorant for the sake of their lives. they're called "the council", a small group of "chosen" humans that know of the night lurkers existence but keep it secret.
how to join
001. favorite the roleplay. upvote is optional.
002. ALL drama allowed. ranting ooc is fine in the spam room. the admins understand people get frustrated.
003. no face-chasing, cliques, or any sorts of that. don't make anyone feel left out.
004. this is an aurp. which means, you are not an idol here. it is also a rated roleplay so expect a lot of blood. however, if anything triggers you, please discuss this with whomever you are rping with so that line isn't crossed.
005. inactivity is set for 14 days. you will be given a warning and if you don't respond within 48 hours, you will be kicked. if you're going on a hiatus, please contact an admin.
006. To get a second character gou need 400 points. 3rd is 1000. password is night lurker.
007. dating ban is set to 2 weeks! get to know someone before you jump into a relationship!
008. if you are a human, you also have the option of being a vampire hunter if you choose to be.
009. internationals are allowed! anyone and everyone is welcome here.
010. there are a limited amount of people set for purebloods and "the council". the other spots have an unlimited amount but let's try to keep it balanced, yes? 
- 9/10 purebloods
- 1/12 council members
admin name
admin name
admin name
nameandy biersack
vampire, vampire hunter, or human?vampire
pureblood or half? (doesn't apply if you chose human)half/pureblood
passwordread the rules
name here
name here
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saltedcaramel 18 hours ago
hi, add and reserve kim yoohyun for me please c:
Poppitycorn 2 days ago
How many pt for a second?
Poppitycorn 5 days ago
Wanna cc from adam to Nyane lebajoa
pinkesu 5 days ago
ezra is leaving, it was short but i enjoyed it while it lasted!
Poppitycorn 1 week ago
Adam pu please
pinkesu 1 week ago
can i get ezra miller, please?
TokidokiHelloKitty 1 week ago
omg so cool!
IGotYesJam 2 weeks ago
Can you please add and reserve Shin (cross gene) for me please ?:)
ukiss7 2 weeks ago
Hey. Could you reserve and add baekhyun for me?
God_of_Mischief 2 weeks ago
Hi can you add IZ ONE’s Sakura please?? Oh and Luviam brought me here ^^
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