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ABout layout shop
Inertia mainly focuses on layouts that are suitable for non-au. Most layouts are inspired by people i meet and songs I listen to so they are all very personal to me and my experience on this site. Therefore I hope you enjoy using the layouts as much as I enjoyed making them!
↠ Must favourtie and comment before using the layouts. Upvotes aren't necessary but will be greatly appreciated.
↠ Do not remove the credits from the layouts or steal the codes. It is not cute.
↠ If you have any questions about the layout (how to edit, change colour etc) feel free to comment or PM me directly. I am always ready to help.
↠ You may customise the layouts to your liking as long as the credit remains intact.
↠  If any of the rules are broken, you will get black-listed! 
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acuteassmess 3 days ago
using our summer's room v2 !
hwaberry 4 days ago
using our summer collection! ty~
acuteassmess 1 week ago
using lovesick!
minori 1 week ago
using these nights v1 thank you !
alphaknight 2 weeks ago
using fkn around!
puddin 2 weeks ago
using lovesick!
naniwhoo 2 weeks ago
using lovesick!
acuteassmess 2 weeks ago
using greed!
hxmlock 3 weeks ago
using lovesick!
painter 3 weeks ago
using remember ♡
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