✧・゚:* SPECKLES! *:・゚✧ come join our family & get a tamagotchi ➭ ʷᵉ ᵃʳᵉ ˢᵒᶠᶠ ᵇᵒᶦ⁻ᵒ'ˢ™ || under co.

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brief overview
after about a 7 month hiatus, we bring to you the lovely and awesome rp, speckles! 

infamously known as oofity, daydreams, and orchid, it is now re-named to speckles! where all the little speckles exist in this galaxy of ours.

this rp is a safe place for all. need someone to talk to ? to make a friend? lover? this is the place for you. we are also a self-pace rp so don't worry about being too active!

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(1) favorite the rp, upvote isn't necessary but is totally appreciated.
(2) Do try your best to interact and socialize with each other. you are what makes the rp + do keep ic & ooc drama separate.
(2a) i do want to say while the rp's goal is to be inclusive, there are times where that may not seem the case. please do not hesitate to call this out. we as people of the rp should try our best to make everyone feel welcomed! however, if you do feel like you need someone to talk to about this, please do not hesistate to pm an admin.
(3) as ic drama may be encourage, please keep it light.
(4) any ooc, depending on the severity, please try to solve it amongst yourselves before reaching out to the admin(s). immediate kick or suspension will be put into action if needed. 

fcs & CC-ing

(1) we are a 17+ rp, those that are born 2002 and earlier will be accepted. (please do not ualize them)
(2) we will allow each user up to 3 characters. In order to achieve: (2nd) 250+ pts & 3 days of participation in the rp. (3rd) 500+ pts & 7 days of participation + upvoting the rp. 
(3) only 2 of your three fcs may be from the same group.
(4) regarding cc, you are allowed to change up to 2 times per face. for a third, we suggest to apply for a new fc. please ask in the faqs room for any CLARIFICATIONs. 


(1) all faces must be born 1999 may be able to or be 19+ years old. (2) if caught ualizing minors, only one warning will be given out. (3) please state in your app & profile whether or not your are underage or of age.  if you are caught lying, you will be kicked out of the rp, immediately.


since we are self-paced, you have 6 days until you are marked inactive. (1) you will receive up to 2 warnings of inactivity. (first) 48 hours to reply, (second) 24 hours. fail to do so will result a kick.
(2) if one goes inactive, all fcs will be kicked. you may wish to join back. (3) if you wish to do so, you may only come back with one face. after a week, you may get your second, and 3rd by the 3rd week. 

Dating ban?

(1) there is none. we do strongly suggest to actually talk and mingle with others before courting each other after the first day of joining. (2) move-in couples are allowed. please state in the application. 

couples & kids

(1) no mpreg. surrogacy is allowed. (2) couples may get married after a month of being together.
pw: persona
(3) you may adopt/have a child after being in the rp for one month & have 2k points. 

room use

(1) please use the rooms. they are there for you to explore your writing desires. (2) please follow the guidelines in the rooms too. they will be stated in the desc of the room. (3) please keep the (like actual body to body contact; circle jerking basically) on walls/pms or personal rooms. 


(1) hiatus last up to 2 weeks. if you need an extension, please post in the hiatus room. do not leave a comment for it will be ignored. (2) If you plan on leaving, leave a comment or pm jjk.


(1) got any questions? either pm jjk or post in the faq room. (2) when reserving, please state your fc's full name. 

full name
underage or nah?
couple or naH?
reservations last for 24 hrs.
jjk pic
jimin pic
taeyong pic
lmao idk what this is tbh
est 2019
opening date
August 17, 2018
nonau / / all races
open & accepting
✦ please note that this rp will follow gmt-10. < click if you want to know. 

✦ we have a stamp card feature! unlock/fulfill certain tasks and fill up your stamp card! (similar to the badge system)

✦ If you have any questions about the rp, please leave a comment or pm jungkook (main admin)


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KingsRight 2 hours ago
Shall I finally make my return?
Crixus 6 hours ago
Hey is Son Hyunwoo Free?
ilomilo 6 hours ago
can i reserve huang renjun please?
_eternalmoon 6 hours ago
Nu'est Hwang Minhyun please?
ecstxssy [A] 10 hours ago
 〔 !!!! 〕notice.
 〔 01 〕this rp is going under co for a minute. to update, change, clean up some things.
 〔 02 〕as of now, the rp will not be allowing 3rds, & 4ths. (yes, 4ths. that's part of the upgrade to the rp. sorry boys.
 〔 03 〕disregard the rules about getting another character in the desc & the mobile version for the rules, please. instead follow this. if you want a second, please have at least 300 points & have been participating in the rp for at least 5 days upon joining the rp. we go by gmt -10, so please. look up that time instead of going based off of yours.
 〔 04 〕an activity check will be announced soon. be on the lookout for that & even a mass tag.
 〔 05 〕cleared inactives.
 〔 && 〕thanks for reading everyone.
SeHYUNG 2 days ago
Christian Yu please :D
RinYukituji 2 days ago
Okay that’s it
Choi Jongho of Ateez, please, as second uwu
captain-hook 2 days ago
Can i get jo jinho pls?
caeldori 2 days ago
Slaps my hand down
Can I get (s) Lim Jimin as a third
baby-groot 2 days ago
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