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sweet deal
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08 / 26 / 18 —
layouts finished!
09 / 01 / 18 —
open for the public, members are settled in.
09 / 07 / 18 —
matches released and event ongoing!
10 / 06 / 18 —
changed layout, revamped and new admin team!
month day year —
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what if i told you there was a way to get riches beyond your imagination? unbelievable, right? well, there's something high in value and that is — your phone's storage and data! download spoonful of sugar - s.o.s for short - and, with our advanced technology, find the perfect sugar baby or daddy in your area. although it recently hit the market a year ago, already plenty of clients can guarantee a safe and reliable exchange within the community. download our app and have a try yourself. because we all know that low paying job isn't nearly a gold mine you thought it would be!
taking place in chicago, illinois, sweet deal is an alternative universe rp that focuses on your relationships and character development. we strictly cater to the mature side of rpr so, please, apply within your discretion.
01 — favorite the rp, your application will be ignored if you don't! upvoting is much appreciated. 02 — reservations last for twenty-four hours. once approved by an admin, extensions will expire in the next twenty-four hours - unless there's a given reason! 03 — only, sorry girls! internationals are allowed, however. 04 — roleplay in rooms. if you can't find a suitable room, there is a request room in under extras! two chara max, item must be purchased in the shop! 05 — the inactive mark will appear after one week. after one warning, you'll be kicked out. characters will be deactivated. pm an admin if you're leaving! 06 — max for a hiatus is three weeks. please, contact an admin with how long you'll be gone. if you aren't active or haven't given us an update by then, you'll be given a twenty-four hour warning. 07 — there'll be a lot of ually-related topics! definitely rated but murder is not allowed. triggering topics must have approval from both parties and must be played out in private rooms - ask an admin. minors aren't allowed! 08 — ic is allowed! ooc drama is not, i repeat, NOT allowed. if you have any problems, report it to the main admin and we'll sort it out. px ss is the last bit of rule five. 09 — if you're clingy af then i don't recommend this rp LOL
how it works
01 — once you're accepted, you'll be welcomed into the chatroom which is strictly in character. we'll then remind you to finish your sugar profile that is already provided!

02 — then check out the rooms under features for more info about the points, tasks, and roster.

03 — when we reach our goal amount of members, we'll release an ic questionnaire. we'll only pair until the upcoming week so any new members will have to wait until next month where we'll do the process all over again!

04 — within the month, there'll be an event where matched pairs have the option to use it for plotting. you'll earn a badge if you do rp in the event rooms!

05 — at the end of the month, the admins will pm the pairs whether they'll swipe right (accept) or swipe left (reject) their partner - the first person to respond will decide the pair's fate. the p xss is in the rules. if your partner rejects you, decides to leave, or has left, you'll be given a complimentary badge!

06 — if accepted, you'll have their icon on your sugar profile as a saved number. collect all three and you'll earn an exclusive badge, a chance to be featured in the desc, and a monthly allowance of fifty points for both of you to use to send each other gifts!
01 — ic username | sugar baby or sugar daddy?
not strictly dom or sub!
02 — character's age | your age
you may tweak your character's age + / - three years. if you're uncomfortable sharing your real age, you can just put 18+!
03 — occupation
think city jobs! make it interesting. daddies will have a higher paying job!
04 — background | personality
max for background is three lines. personality must have two positive and negative traits!
05 — connection
a connection is basically a plot. ex. childhood friends that recently caught up + a short desc detailing a little bit about it. * please please claim one from the list - so you'll be able to plot with your partner once accepted !! here are the list of wanted connections.
06 — password
check the 'how it works' box!
please do not steal or use the layout(s) provided as a base! you may tweak the colors and if you need any help, ask an admin!
to be announced 
until month day — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.


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eudaimonia 3 months ago
Johnny has left. Thank you for everything!
diphylleiagay 3 months ago
Congrats on the double feature! Hopefully you'll be back soon.
-lait- 3 months ago
diphylleiagay 3 months ago
Key has left.
ThatOneSimpleDay 4 months ago
If I joined now when would I be matched?
chiminah 5 months ago
Hello! I wanted to apologize for missing the activity check. I was hoping to stay in this rp, but unfortunately I’m gonna be very busy. It’s best the character goes to someone more active. Thank you so much for having me! Hopefully I can come back soon. Take care everyone!

Ps. Sorry, Hoseok! >.<
disrespect [A] 5 months ago
─ if you failed to post during the activity check and were kicked, you are
always welcome to come back !! just post a comment and we'll reactivate
your chara asap ~
Brat-- 5 months ago
kim seokjin please~
vwhatdafook 5 months ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Minsung for me please
daldagoori1 5 months ago
Breaks through the wall** Lee Soohyuk!! Please
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