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KLOUD is a chatting app designed for only male celebrities. Once you've signed up, your information will be guaranteed to be secured from the public. What are you waiting for? Download this app, it's free for all os.

est. 09 2018
males only
semi - crack/lit

rules & guidelines

ONE This is a semi au roleplay, you guys are still idols, it's just, everyone is gay. Therefore, no females allowed

TWO .Only 19+ asian celebrities working in Korea are allowed at the moment. No minors, I'll give a chance for international ones next time.

THREE IC drama needs to be kept under control, and ooc is a BIG no. things get too much, you'll receive a strike and with two strikes, you'll be kicked out.

FOUR Don't use actions in the chatting room. As you see, this roleplay is a social-network based so the main room is definitely the chatting room, but we do have rooms for roleplaying outside the KLOUD app. Pw is your favorite member in monsta x.
is only allowed in rated rôoms and walls. .

FIVE dating ban lasts for a week, please get to know each other first. no mpreg allowed too cause they're still celebrities.

SIX The inactivity sign will be appeared after 7 days. You'll receive a warning if you're spotted being inactive. Fail to reply it after 3 days, you'll be kicked out and your character will be deleted.

SEVEN you can only have max. 3 characters aT THE SAME TIME, EACH CHARACTER WILL COST 100PTS.

eight Please pm me, Im Changkyun, the main admin if you want to leave instead of commenting.


Feel free to ask me anything if you have any question.

How to Join & App

ONE favorite this rp, upvote isn't compulsory but will be appreciated.

TWO check the masterlist then comment down below the wanted character you'd like you reserve. the reservation will be lasted in 24hrs

THREE once your character is added, apply in this form, then wait to be accepted.


full name: im changkyun

dob: 01261996

group: monsta x

short description: (write at least 3 sentences)

password: in the guildlines&rule


i'll copy your application and put it in your description, feel free to add a profile layout.





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bellula 1 year ago
hello c: can i be jeon jungkook?
PUDDIN 1 year ago
park jimin please ?
always 1 year ago
a/r kim taeho please
ThisIsMyLife 1 year ago
Oof imma try this so uh...lemme get Gray please?
sideeffects 1 year ago
kim jaehyun, please!
e77a4cdcc9a067ac4de7 1 year ago
lemmie have na jaemin uwu
hnybxnu 1 year ago
a&r jung hoseok please
carpediem 1 year ago
Lee Jooheon
Plz and thank you
fuccboiwonho 1 year ago
i need this in my life but idk who to be
yxgurt 1 year ago
inhales the gay
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