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hidden with magic, halloweentown is to the average human eye. in this place, monsters and magicians of all kinds come together and live in peace, away from the humans who don't like what they don't understand. here, everyone exists (mostly) in harmony. vampires play with werewolves, ghouls and ghosts play pranks on unsuspecting passerby, and witches and wizards train to become the best they can be. of course, there's evil in the world: that cant be avoided. There may be frights and scares, but there's always a way to make sure the peace is kept. come and settle down, you lovely little people, and live your life in halloweentown!
favorite the rp thread. upvotes are not necessary, but they let me know that you like what you see. they also give you cute badges and potential fun stuff later.
this is an alternate universe roleplay. you are not the idol you are roleplaying as!
i suppose this is also a supernatural rp. monsters of various kinds are welcomed: please make sure to check the species list and the faq room to get a good gauge of everything!
you may alter your muse's age by +/- 5 years. however, minors cannot be aged at all. please don't make your character a minor if they are not irl - even if they're "close enough".
though this is based off of the movies, you dont have to know them to join. as it is, im just based this off of what i remember when i was younger watching the movies.
absolutely no ooc drama, , character death, suicide, god modding, ualization of minors, etc. you will not get a warning: you will be told what you did wrong and then removed from the roleplay.
ic drama is welcome! just make sure not to go overboard, as it can make some people uncomfortable. if there are triggering contents to your posts and/or profile, make sure to put a trigger warning.
please pm an admin when leaving. any departing comments will be deleted. we dont want to start a train of "im leaving".
inactivity is set to 9 days. you will get 1 warning, and 48 hours to clear the sign.
3 characters per soul. 2nd character costs 250 posts, and if you want a 3rd character, post and advertisement blog and link it in the comments while asking for your third. celebrities of all nationalities and orientations are allowed!
species may be closed off if we get too many of certain kinds at any point.
there is a dating ban of 5 days. please try to get to know the person you're courting, even if it is plotted. it gives the relationship more depth.
the password is your favorite halloween candy!
just because the rp isn't popping 24/7 doesnt mean that its dead or that nothing is happening. dont just join, do nothing but crack, and then leave/complain about things not being the way you want. we're here to rp, not just post with our friends. go to some non au if you want to do that.
est 09/15/18
feat 09/22/18
alternate universe
52 males
31 females
full name.
cha hakyeon
28 years old
elemental fairy
(specify what type if you are an elemental fairy)
(be creative!)
3-5 sentences
(not everyone needs to have a dark background)
look for it


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[comment deleted by owner]
hakyeomma [A] 17 hours ago
☆ the rp is now closed. it will not be deleted or drafted, but nothing more will be done with it. the characters who are currently reserved are all that will be accepted.
☆ please DO NOT use any content from this rp (without consulting the main admin first). it may be reopened at a future date when the admin isnt as busy.
☆ thank you all for everything you’ve done for this place!
mrskwonjiyong 1 day ago
Can I cc Sana into Nam Joohyuk?
MiaTasha2 1 day ago
Can you add and reserve Han Jisung for me, please?
nty 1 day ago

i submitted the paper that’s worth 25% of my grade :’ )
wildling 1 day ago
can I have jung jaewon as a vampire pls uwu
nty 2 days ago
plz reserve my characters that i left. i’ll be back once i finish my assignment.
carajo 2 days ago
heya babes
rebecca gomez por favor
ecuador 2 days ago
zabdiel de jesus pls
wildling 3 days ago
can I cc lalisa to wang yiren as a vampire plsu
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