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a super school for super people



In this world, there are the humans... and then there are the supers. normal human beings born or given powers beyond imagination. this trend started decades ago, when a group of people were given superhuman abilities to become soldiers for their country. when the death and the bloodshed became too much, the original five left, disappeared to never be seen or heard from again. or so earth thought.

in 2016, supers were becoming more and more prominent, yet still making up less than a 0.0001% of the total population. the governments around the world made it no secret that they wanted to control these young kids and form them into weapons. it was then, that humanity became aware of a man-made island appearing out of the blue somewhere in the middle of the north pacific ocean. it was a fortress, impenatrable by the outside world but on the inside, it was a picture perfect paradise.

it was then, that the original five made themselves known again; older, wiser and ready to take the young supers into their academy and teach them the skills to control their powers and use them for good.

now, it is 2018, and the world is even more different than it was 2 years ago. the academy is thriving with new students every single day, of all sorts of powers; all eager to learn(or so they say). but with the rise of superheroes, comes the rise of supervillains. disgruntled ex-students and older supers have turned against the academy and the world itself, seeking to destroy or mould it into their liking. 

it is up to the original five to carry on their legacy through the new generation of supers, and preserve life itself. for the young students, it is now up to them to take responsibility in protecting those who can't. 


but who said they can't have fun while doing it?


ooc room

wish list

couples room

dice roll



male and female


rules and guidelines


oo1.) please favourite the roleplay before applying! up votes aren’t necessary but very much loved

oo2.) we accept idols and celebrities of all countries! in fact, we want international characters!

oo3.) whilst we love and encourage in character drama, out of character drama is a huge no-no

oo4.) leading on from rule number 3, if you’re having an issues, or have any concerns or questions, please don’t be afraid to ask one of the admins! we ‘re here to help and do our best to make sure you have a great time while here

oo5.) all orientations are welcome! password is your least favourite DC/Marvel superhero

oo6.) this is a primarily 3rd pov roleplay, but we do allow 1st
 in very rare cases

oo7.) we accept multiple characters, but you must reach 250 points before asking for a second!

oo8.) don’t worry about losing all of your info, we’ll PM it to you!

oo9.) if going on a hiatus or semi-hiatus, please pm one of the admins on any profile!

o10.) we will hold bi-weekly events(starting in two weeks), information regarding that will be updated in the announcements as we go along!

o11.) we will pm you your application!

o12.) despite the rooms being marked 'm' please take all to your private messages! we only marked each room as mature so that swearing and other words would be allowed!

o14.) reservations last 48 hours! we will message you when that time is coming to an end!

o15.) and above all, have fun!




events happen on a bi-weekly basis! stay tuned for more!

how to

oo1.) we allow a max of three powers per person, but they must work with each other(you can't have angel physiology but be able to control demons)

oo2.) we require at least one weakness(it must be a part of your character somehow, whether its through your powers or your backstory)

oo3.) leading on from weaknesses, the stronger your power, the stronger and more weakness you must have.
eg. super strength may mean you get tired easily, but reality warping means it shortens your lifespan everytime you use your power

oo4.) us admins reserve the right to message you privately if we believe you need another weakness or your weakness is not enough.

oo5.) hooray! you get to create your own superhero identity! please make sure to come up with a super hero name(you may use already existing names but no double ups with other rpers) and costume! with your costume, you are more than welcome to find a design somewhere online(you are welcome to use existing superhero costumes as well) and use it as your image or you can create your own!

oo6.) in your character description, you must list your super name, your costume and your powers(no need to display weaknesses)

combat and self defence
weapons mastery
stealth and espionage
tactical straegy
medical and survival

click here for the super power library

- full name
- age (18-24 for students, 25-25 for teachers)
- orientation
- background (OPTIONAL)
- super power
- weakness
- superhero name
- superhero costume
- password


currently fixing up rooms!


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kitramos 1 year ago
as much as I'd love to see rp here, it seems everyone has moved on so I will as well.
if things change let me know, or if anyone has a AU rp feel free to let me know about it
(but don't bother with nonau or only.)
90eb13acbc0807216462 1 year ago
Can I please be Huang Renjun?
minzee 1 year ago
please reserve kang seulgi :D
pinwheel 1 year ago
jimin dipped
PaboEunMi 1 year ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Soeun please?
Mikhun 1 year ago
jeongjoo will be leaving
CLOUDYY 1 year ago
Jennie Kim please and thank you
REDRIOT 1 year ago
Please add Kim Mingyu!
HaneulKwon 1 year ago
I'd like to rp as Byun Baekhyun <3
IGotYesJam [A] 1 year ago
Do you need another co admin ?
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