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cartoon x city au
all orientations
all povs
asian descent only
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it's always that moment where life is going well, or that moment when things seem normal and steady, that suddenly everything begins to fall apart. one day, instead of waking up in your home at who-knows-where, you're dropped in this completely different land referred to as ‘new york.' even though chances are you're freaking out, hoping that this is a cruel dream from which you will soon wake, but perhaps it's actually not that bad, right? you may be caught in unfamiliar surroundings, but you should be able to manage, right? wrong. you are no longer who you once were. with a new home comes a new face and ultimately - a whole new identity. you, now a random, arguably normal individual with a completely different life than from what you are used to. so your first plan of action is to get out, to return home, but how will you do that if you are slowly beginning to forget what "home" really is? a consequence of being in this universe: the longer you stay the more of yourself you will lose. living someone else's life. sounds fun, right? not.

tl;dr: set in modern day new york, everyone here is playing a made-up character from a book, anime, etc but with their face and name of their face claim. meaning, you choose what their new career and background are in this "new world," but you still have the same personality and memories of the book/anime/etc character you chose.
1. favorite is mandatory, upvote is not required but loved. those who upvote may get a special little somethin' something in the future though.
2. no ooc drama, no god-modding, no ualizing minors, no triggering topics (e.g., , suicide, murder, etc.). make sure that ic drama is agreed upon by all parties.
3. all povs, one-liners are only accepted in the chat room in moderation. try to focus on actually rping with each other in the other rooms, that's what they're there for. pw: favorite show at the moment.
4. pm the admin if going on hiatus or in need of a cc. 1 cc per character. inacitvity is set exactly for a week (7 days), you will be given one (1) warning and 24 hrs to respond before youre removed.
5. only those of asian descent is allowed at the moment.
6. one chara per soul for now, second charas may become an option later on.
7. this is an au rp, you aren't idols unless you so plan to be.
8. your face claim is your new identity, but you have the same memories and personality as your cartoon character. but not their abilities.
9. everyone has arrived to this modern universe at different times, so how long you've been here is entirely up to you.
10. that's more or less it. be sure to have fun! and pm any of the admins if you have a question.
full name:
cartoon character:
origin show:
occupation: (in the new world)
short bio: (how'd you get here? where were you before? how long have you been here?)
timezone: (gmt)
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-uaena 2 years ago
hello, i would like to ask main admin-nim a question!
achilles 2 years ago
w eeps omg sorry for the trouble but can i get back my reservation for heejin? thank you so much!
pinkopal 2 years ago
can I change from Danny Phantom to Sasuke Uchiha?
jjsouls_ 2 years ago
hello uhm ha sooyoung as connie maheswaran of steven universe pls < 33 tysm!
WhyWhyYulevme 2 years ago
Helli i would like to be Gayoon heo As tsukitachi from karnival
vxices 2 years ago
uh uh uh son hyejoo as kaede kayano please~
-hoe 2 years ago
h hh hh h h hh h hh hold on while i scream a little thanks
dirtylinks 2 years ago
jeon injoon?
flakes 2 years ago
Uhm uh-
Can i a&r son dongwoon as tokitatsu?
REDRIOT 2 years ago
Please add Suzuki Yurino as Yuga Aoyama!
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