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Designed to give you an authentic look into the kpop industry while allowing certain freedoms not usually found in the industry, we bring you Evolution Roleplay. It's an entertainment roleplay that has grown and evolved over the course of 5 years and has come back better than ever. With 3 companies and a variety of jobs, there is something here for everybody. Don't have the time to actively rp the way you want because of school, work or just life in general? We have rooms specifically catered to you so no worries. So come join our family, our numbers may rise and fall, but we'll always be here for you. Here, everyone is family. Don't forget to take a look at the company info here and the jobs list here before applying
CEO Kwon
CEO Byun
CEO Song
Son Gain
name here
1. Favorite and upvote (25 points each for a total of 50). We check.
2. Make sure you read everything, if there is something you don't understand check out our FAQ page or ask an admin, we'll be happy to help.
3. Check the faceclaim list, if a name isn't there then they are available. Don't forget to check out our wishlist as well.
4. Simply comment with your faceclaim and we'll add it. Reservations last for 2 days or 48 hours. If you need an extension please let an admin know and we will extend it, otherwise your reservation will end and your faceclaim will be free for someone else to grab. 5. All orientations are allowed as well as internationals. Keep in walls and PM, any in rated rooms please put a warning in your post for any minors that may be here.
6. Absolutely no OOC drama is allowed though IC drama is allowed and encouraged as long as all parties agree. If you have a problem, please seek out an admin and we will address the issue.
7. No facechasing, userchasing, godmodding, ignoring or anything like that. We're all a family here so let's interact with each other and have a fun time okay? Utilize the rooms and group features both RP and the rp has.
8. Inactivity is set for 8 days, you get 2 warnings before your character gets deactivated. You're welcome to join back as any time.
10. Dating ban is set for a week after you join. Move in couples are allowed just tell us in your app when you apply and post your date in the couple room.
11. Pregnancy is allowed however mpreg and fempreg are not. Adoption and surrogates are allowed though. Password is your current fave song. Ya girl likes discovering new songs).
12. CCing is unlimited but costs 100 points each time and you must wait at least 72 hours or 3 days before you can CC again unless you are CCing back to your previous faceclaim/character. There is also no character limit just keep them all active please.
Face Claim
Character Name (if different from FC)
Stage Name (optional)
Age (+/- 6 years. min age is 14, minors irl can not have their age altered)
Occupation (check the jobs list if there is a job that you want that is not on the list let us know)
Company (choose based on your occupation)
Preferred number of members (for trainees only)
Talents (max 3 upon applying. Must be listed from strongest to weakest)
Audition Video(s)
announcement: Check the rules for mobile friendly version.
10.04.18 - Roleplay opened
09.29.18 - Thread created


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Mikhun 6 months ago
I'll be leaving since I am not active enough here, thanks for the stay
gaekkum 6 months ago
Rui, Jaejung, and Hwangbo are leaving
wrapperldh 7 months ago
rip hi uh can i please have a hiatus ;;
malheureuse 7 months ago
Slap me if needed and point me in the right direction
But uh, how do we use social media
ur_mai_ginger 7 months ago
hello, may I reserve Chuando Tan please? Thank you in advance ^^
malheureuse 7 months ago
Wait is there a songs claims list
BASELINE 7 months ago
a&r jo haseul pls! <3
-firstoption- 7 months ago
lee jooheon pls
malheureuse 7 months ago
Okay so ten is a photographer that does cinematography on the side, while Jeno is a producer
And jaemin is back up dancer and choreographer, but he's like, uh, a really good dancer who street dances on the side sometimes
Does that work, I'm just checking
markles 7 months ago
could you please add and reserve jung jinsoul?
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