❝ ᴘʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ: ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ?! – ᶦ ᶠᵒᵘⁿᵈ ᵐʸ ᶠᵃᵐᶦˡʸ ʷᶦᵗʰ ʸᵒᵘ ⇢ ⁿᵉʷ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵒᵖᵉⁿ ↻ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ⁽⁴ ᵒᶠ ⁴⁾ ᵃᵈᵐᶦⁿˢ ⇣ ʲᵒᶦⁿ ⁿᵒʷ ⇢ ᵍᵃᵐᶦⁿᵍ/ʳᵉᵃˡᶦᵗʸ ᵗᵛ ˢʰᵒʷ . ⁿᵒⁿ ᵃᵘ

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❝ project:           family?!







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October 2018  

about us.

project: family?! is a new comedy-variety show; that will be part of SBS Good Sunday line up. The format of the show calls for idols to come together as a family, take up a certain role within that family and then move in together in a house. Together they will face all kind of challenges and learn what it means to be a true family. 


The show is placed in the category of the "game-show" format and supposedly influenced by it's predecessors on SBS such as XMan, Hello Baby or WGM, with several shared production members. The show seeks humor from the interaction between it's cast members and it's series of mental and physical competitions. 



(01.) here at project:family?! we are first and foremost a family. And just like real families we are not perfect.Sometimes we will fight or disagree with one another and maybe our feelings will get hurt, but at the end of the day we will go to bed knowing we have each others back. Above all, we want this to be a place where everyone can find the support they need and grow as a person as well as a roleplayer all the while having fun. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved between the individuals, please bring it up to a staff member instead of letting it dissension among everyone. Please try to include everyone - old and new! engage in conversations, plot, and get to know one another. You never know what kind of friendships you'll make in the process.

(02.) upon joining the roleplay ensure to favorite and (for bonus points) upvote the place. Please comment first and lastname of your character as well as the group they are from - ALL in LOWERTCASE. To avoid the headache of having twins please check out the masterlist first to see if your desired faceclaim is still open. Upon the acceptance of your reservation you have 24 hours to apply. The max. amount of characters per soul is four atm. Please also note that we allow faceclaims of all nationalities and ages!!! so yes, children included. BUT faceclaims below the age of 18 years may not be ualized in any way, shape or form. Also note that any sort of mature talk hast to stay in rated rooms on walls or pm.

(03.)We are accepting of all ualities. The dating ban expires upon reaching 500 points. The marriage ban at 1000 points. Please take note to give all the people around a chance. This is a event/gaming/reality TV show inspired roleplay after all. Flirting is allowed and encouraged. Pregnancy is allowed for all (I am curious to just what kind of scientific explanation your come up with) but you need to have 5000 points for it.

(04.) This roleplay is a project, hence the name of it. We want to focus on the life of our favorite idols as they participate for whatever reason (maybe they were forced, maybe they wanted to be part of it themselves, maybe it's a favor, etc) on this new scripted reality-TV show,while still be confronted with the normal day-to day life/hardships of an idol. So even though this may be a non-au roleplay, we encourage serious roleplaying in all forms as well as invite you to truly delve into all the possibilities this brings to you. On that note I wish to repeat, it's a scripted reality/game show. There will be many small and big events.

(05.) Everyone knows that the best roleplays are those which are active. To ensure this we at project:family?!, we do require that you post at least once every seven (7) days within the rooms. We do understand that life happens though, that many of you are students or adults with full time jobs and other familial requirements. Should this affect your level of activity, we ask that you post a note of absence in order to save your character from being deemed inactive.With that being said, any absences posted after an activity check has started will not be counted unless prior staff approval is given. We are good about working with you, but communication is key in these scenarios! Members who have an absence posted are not permitted to create new characters or reserve faces.The password is your favorite thing to do during autumn.








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sorry bub
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if you get active again, let me know and i'll gladly help out
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