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s e a r c h i n g 
Let's all be real, sometimes it's hard to find time to be active in roleplays. so- let's all come together and find some 1x1 rps that we will have time for.
here we will place areas where you can search for a partner who understands the struggle when it comes to making time and being active 
So come take a look inside! 
Basic rules
1. do not bash roleplays here
2. do not target any roleplayer or talk about one another
3. please be respectful if someone posts a plot or a starter
4. do not steal plots
5. approach someone if you want to roleplay with them! But do not have conversations in the groups, move them to your wall of PM

TO apply just comment below and I will add your username for you to apply under 
OCs are also allowed

there is no activity ban
That's all folks


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ryder_ 10 months ago
Yo can I.. can I pls join e u e
queen_bxnny 10 months ago
pinkopal [A] 10 months ago
bambiitch 4 minutes ago

this is just a suggestion, but---

perhaps have people apply with their u/n?
that way the rp isnt weighted down by multiple character accounts uwu

this would def make it easier and less messy oof
BambiiBlossoms 10 months ago
lays self here

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