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a entertainment au rp, two companies one dream!
Elevate: a third generation company looking to reform what its like to debut and be an idol. A company that strives to put human beings first. The CEO, Kim hyojin, better known as her stage name jea was an idol back in the 90s she has seen the industry at all parts the good the bad and the ugly and now has been working to a better system for the new generation. She is known for being cold and harsh but has a lot of love to give for her trainees mostly by helping them on their way to sucess. Here at elevate trainees are required to put in hard work and effort and in turn you will be rewarded fairly.
Harmony: A company brought about by Hu Yanbin and lee eunhyuk, they focus intensely on the training and skill of their trainees, including acting to convey emotion as well as the technique they use in their performance. “You do not become successful purely by chance. You must work hard to get to a point where we will think, ‘Yes. You’re ready.’ So try and train your hardest.” This is the mindset of the company. Packed schedules, classes every day, and frequent evaluations. The quicker trainees improve, the quicker they reach their end goal: to debut. Slacking is not tolerated, but hard work will be praised fully, Harmony being a much more strict company.
1. How do you debut? By gaining points and being active. You will be put in a pre debut group that the line up will change until there is a is a solid group with solid chemistry. 
2. Do I have to be a trainee? Not at all! There are many jobs to have all with their own unique responsibilities. You can be a reporter reporting on scandals and new comebacks. Or a Producer and make the music and work with recording artists in the studio. You can be a bodyguard and be assigned to protect a group. Or a manager making sure the group gets to all of their assigned appointments on time. Be a songwriter and get commissions off of songs that you wrote and have been published. Anything really!
3. How do I debut as a Model or an Actor? The same as a regular group debut expect slightly different. You gain points be active and with the correct points you can debut. Actors can go work on a drama as long as there are three other actors working. Models can make their debut right away we will give you a list of companies that you can "model for" then you go ahead find the pictures for your photoshoot rp  them being shot and reporters can report on it and all. 
men: 33
women: 32
01 Please favorite before you apply. Upvotes are very much loved!  Reservations last 24 hours
02 NO OOC DRAMA PLEASE! Ic drama should be kept to a minimum. There should be a mix of fluff and drama no? If you want to talk about suicide or anything triggering I would ask you to keep that plotting on walls or in pm. Make sure your partner is okay with it!
03 No dating ban but realize that this company is supposed to be progressive there still will be backlash from the public. So expect articles and nasty comments. For pregnancy, it's allowed but realisticly if you're a trainee who gets pregnant she might have to give up her dream of being an idol to take care of the baby. You can be creative with that. Pregnancy is only between people over 18. keep in mind you HAVE to let an admin know and get an approval of a pregnancy pw is your favorite song right now if you have a minor as a character know that you shouldn't be ting or over-ualize them.
04 unlimited characters just have the points for them and will keep them active! you are allowed two face claim members of a group, only asian face claims I apologize 
05 If you have any questions or concerns about the roleplay please contact an admin! If you are leaving please do not comment on thread. message an admin.
name + stage name
company + job
EPHEMERAL: a Christmas supernatural rp


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Sorry I lost my muse tc guys!
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hm cld i get jaemin back
TaemTheDestroyer [A] 22 hours ago
--- Male applications back up feel free to apply! ---
yellowsunflower 2 days ago
Kim Dahyun please! thank you in advance!
DoneWithYou 3 days ago
Andy Blossom por favor
wanheda 5 days ago
lee hayi please!
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Can I get Yoojung from Weki Meki?
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Please A&R Lu Keran for me!
citylights 6 days ago
baek's gotta dip </3 good luck with the rp!
Acrylic 1 week ago
Ken and Youngmin left, thanks for having me!
Really wanted to do a jo twin plot but I don't feel like I have enough time to spend on this rp
It's a miracle I lasted this long, lol. It was fun as it lasted!
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