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when the heart is open,
love falls out on everything.
1. introduction
welcome, once again, to congratulations matchmaking roleplay, loosely based off of the korean entertainment program "we got married". first created on the 31st of july, 2018, we're a small but tightly bound family always looking to grow. if you're up to make friends and potentially find love surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere, then consider us the place to be.
2. guidelines
one: reserve your initial character of choice by commenting below with their full name. you may change character at any time and are allowed up to 4 characters without any point limitations. remember to favourite the roleplay afterwards and upvote if possible.
two: this is a non-au, matchmaking roleplay, meaning you are to act as your chosen faceclaim in reality and can choose to participate in our matchmaking system. crack is allowed here also, albeit; in small amounts. let the roleplayers roleplay.
three: we support love in all its forms, however; we are a straight couples only roleplay. dating is allowed whenever love walks your way. marriage must wait a month. move-in couples are not accepted, internationals are. strictly no face-chasing or god-modding, either.
four: after 7 days of absence, the inactivity sign will appear. inactive accounts will be cleared at random, but only deactivated; so if you do wish to come back, your memories shall remain safe. if you wish to take a hiatus, please comment below with your return date so that the admins can monitor activity accurately. the maximum period for full or semi hiatus is 1 month.
five: upon having your application accepted, we ask you to obtain 50 activity points in 1 week or your application will be withdrawn. this is to maintain the utmost activity and prevent character hogging.
six: lastly, no ualising underage faceclaims (idols born in the year 2000 or thereafter) or posting in rooms. m-rated roleplaying is to remain on walls or in private messages.
3. application
full name
example: kim taeyeon.
date of birth
example: march 9, 1989.
i am
please include 3-5 words describing your personality.
i like
please include 3-5 words describing your ideal partner.
your timezone in gmt format.
4. announcements
batch number 1 released.
mission 1 officially commenced.
secret santa event.



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fluxtuating 12 hours ago
i don't see kwon hyuk might as well reserving
thighs 13 hours ago
can I have Im Jino?
achelois 14 hours ago
b r eathes if you please, hand homegirl bacc her charries hhh i promise i'll keep them active this time!
diphylleia 14 hours ago
april's song nayeon (rachel) please
yeonin 20 hours ago
please put chuu/kim jiwoo on hiatus, thank u.
theJxster 2 days ago
you can kick the h off leo and ken now
SJV1144 3 days ago
Applied as wonyoung
diphylleia 4 days ago
nahee as well
diphylleia 4 days ago
hyuk is ready to come back
SJV1144 4 days ago
can i have jang wonyoung as my third?
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