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The Little World
The Little World is teeming with life, activity, and countless opportunities for adventure. From the rolling hills of Guthram to the vast planes in Erith, the land is dotted with everything from dangerous monsters to harmless, but mischievous, pixies. At the center of it all is the city of Ilragorn where wannabe heroes and seasoned adventurers gather to take on challenging, and sometimes dangerous quests from all around.
TLW is a roleplay based on your favorite rpgs like Final Fantasy, D&D, and everything in between. Based in the fictional city of Ilragorn, it allows many chances to roleplay with other people looking for serious plots. You can explore your creativity, build relationships, and grow your characters with a multitude of experiences. If you're tired of crack-heavy roleplays, then TLW is for you!
001 // Favoriting the rp is a must, up-voting is optional but highly appreciated.
002 // There is a character limit to three characters, you get your 2nd by upvoting and reaching 50 posts and your 3rd by reaching 200 posts on both your first and second character.
003 // All orientations, nationalities and povs are welcomed here, we don't discriminate against anyone.
004 // If you are leaving or going on a hiatus DO NOT comment below, pm the admins and let them know.
005 // IC Drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it, OOC drama is not okay and if reported your will be given a warning before being removed from the rp if the issue isn't resolved.
006 // The inactivity is set to 7 days, however I ask that you at least try to make two posts a week but there is no requirements really, just stay active.
008 // Make sure to read all the announcements posted as they will be critical to the things that are happening in the rp.
009 // There are a lot of positions you may choose from, please look below to find out what you want to be.
010 // You can gain levels by rping and posting in the rooms, because of this the rooms in the basic room grouping are point disabled.
011 // There will be achievements, jobs, and levels all things that you can take a look at to learn about in the basic room grouping. 012 // There will be no face chasing or user chasing of the kind.
013 // No godmoding, metagaming or anything of the like here, please be a bit realistic when trying to rp! The good word is srsrponly.
014 // Comment the full name to reserve a character, reservations last 48 hours.
015 // Be nice and friendly to everyone!
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Fantasy RPG AU
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BubblegumWitch 5 months ago
Hiii! Is there still place for one more?
Ineffably 5 months ago
Can i get yang yoseob?
ifyoubelieve 5 months ago
can I get me a piece of that Kim Namjoon
Minun- 5 months ago
balmain 5 months ago
can i have kim jungeun please?
purpleseamen 5 months ago
Helliiiii want to be Gayoon Heo
purpleseamen 5 months ago
[comment deleted by owner]
clever 5 months ago
Shall I be Jimin?
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