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ever since the company opened its doors to the public, Queen Entertainment has only accepted female trainees and staff members as a safe haven for them and to show the world that the women who are signed to the company are as good as, or even better, then male artists signed to other companies in Asia. Ahn Hyojin has made her point with the debut of Siren, with one of her sisters as the leader, and when the group charted time and time again. The same happened when angels debuted half a year later and they topped the charts countless times.
King Entertainment on the other hand is not like the others out there. This company only accepts male artists and staff members just so they can be different. since the company has gone under new ownership due to the previous ceo making wrong choices to the current one, things has changed for the better. Trainees are getting the education they need, staff members are getting more time off and debuts are guaranteed. The new CEO, Donghyun, has promised that everyone who joins will be treated equally and that the company is a safe place. Two group have debut with just a four month difference. The first one that debuted is Adonis, a group that made fans have hope for the new generation of idols. The second is Helios, a group that defined the sound of the company.
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Pressdeletus 1 year ago
Heyyyy can i cc from moora to bala?
phantasia 1 year ago
Add Sòng Xīnrǎn and Gāo Yuánjìng please
xillia 1 year ago
Im Yeojin and Im Jaebum please
Pressdeletus 1 year ago
masakbai rahat and Ibraimov Alimurat please
vesperia 1 year ago
a&r Choi Junhong and Choi Junyoung please
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add and reserve choi kisu and choi yuna please
swampert 1 year ago
Kǒng Xiàoyín and Guō Diànjiǎ please
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