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Euphoria Mental Institution
Where you never walk alone
19 Patients & 14 Staff
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Tucked back in the side of the Dobongsan Mountains in Seoul South Korea is Euphoria Mental Institution. The institution was originally started by Jungkook's father and his uncle (Yixing's father). It was passed down to Jungkook and Yixing upon the deaths of their fathers. It was while the two were going through files as well as their fathers' offices that the two came to the realization that their fathers were not the men they thought they knew. Both had been doing experiments on hybrids. ual experiments. Jungkook chose to follow in his father's footsteps but take it a bit further. He decided to use Euphoria as a cover for the ual experiments he was doing on hybrids in the institution's lower level. At first, Yixing was unsure if this was what he wanted t0 do but in the end, he chose to follow his cousin's lead.

Now, a few years later, Euphoria is a very busy place with many patients coming in but very few leaving. Most patients are delivered by the local hybrid rescue shelter, Serendipity. Although, there are times where Jungkook and Yixing handpick a hybrid or two to bring in.

Euphoria looks like any other mental institution to any who enter but only a select few humans, as well as the staff, know the truth. The doctors are paid to find ways to keep the hybrids there so that they can be experimented on in whatever ways the staff sees fit. 
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1. Favorite and Upvote

2. Limit of 3 characters, the third one needs 50 points from the first two characters

3. One of three characters has to be the opposite role (hybrid or human)

4. only, no girls, please 

5. No children

6. No out of character drama, in character drama is always welcomed. password is: You are the cause of my euphoria

7. everywhere, please roleplay in rooms and not just walls

8. If you're a hybrid please indicate what hybrid you are (nothing fancy like a dragon)

9. Please have at least a brief description of your hybrid, your mental illness, and state what pov you use to roleplay

10. Hybrids are never allowed to go out from the building without being accompanied by a doctor or nurse

11. Wishlist is available if you do not know who to join with

12. Please participate in any kind of events 

13. No characters that are underaged (becoming legal next year is acceptable) 

14. Doctors, therapist, and counselors will get their own rooms/offices while hybrids/patients will get a room with a roommate to share. 

15. Hybrids/patients are required to be in a hospital gown with their name tag. 

16. Patients will require to visit a doctor, therapist or counselor once a week for examination 

17. Reservation lasts 3 days while inactivity is set for 5 days. You'll get a warning for the first time and the second time you get kicked out

18. Check out the Info rooms before applying. Also, include Nv for nonviolent, MV for mildly violent, and D for dangerous.

19. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists MUST fill out a weekly report form in the Patient Reports room.




ROLE(HUMAN) OR ILLNESS and violence level(HYBRID)



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ForsytheJonesIII 2 months ago
hope this place revamps
DamnHui 3 months ago
Sorry but Mingming left..
devorak 4 months ago
is this place still active?
SlowlySlowly 4 months ago
Are there any current wishes?
Maeyeollie 4 months ago
Choi youngjae left. Thanks for having me, i really loved it here, but life is becoming too busy for me to stay. ♡♡♡
baekhosbubblebutt 5 months ago
A&r Kang Dongho (Baekho) from Nu'est please?
neocultured 5 months ago
Lee Donghyuck has left!
neocultured 5 months ago
Hi, I have a question, so I know NCT's Lee Donghyuck has been taken already, but it seems like the person isn't roleplaying with him, but I am not sure if they're only roleplaying on walls and not in rooms. But if they aren't roleplaying with that character, is it possible for me to have him?
itachi 5 months ago
could i get do kyungsoo pls!
InfiniteStarlight 5 months ago
Could I get a second character?
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