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so basically this place is nothing fancy. just a place to crack out, get lit, respect each other, and have fun. it wont last cause whenever do new rps last? rules are in the orange
rule 1. you favorite this place
rule 2. no ooc drama
rule 3. respect each other or get kicked out
rule 4. reservations lasts 24 hours or somethjing like that
rule 5. i would say no user or face chasing, but we know that gonna happen lmfao. try not to get carried away
rule 6. make everyone feel comfy
rule 7. password is windows95
rule 8. you kook, i'm ddae's numba 1.     e u e 

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DoneWithYou 7 hours ago
Im dipping and deactivating again. lol tanks puddin for the smol revival but Its time to really vanish bruh
Twice_ 4 days ago
Female or male dude
SOURPEACH 6 days ago
park chaewon please!
Evangelion 6 days ago
can i get Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul?
Creamyy 6 days ago
byun baek plez
asagao 6 days ago
park jiwon jsy
telolet 1 week ago
jo yuri ples
bunicorn 1 week ago
Naeun or Eunji?
devils 1 week ago
oh sehun please
spotify 1 week ago
park chaeyoung please
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