《 ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴍᴏᴜɴᴛᴀɪɴ ꜱᴛᴀᴛᴇ 》, fraternity rivalry college au rp ⤧ ( CLOSED )

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blue mountain state reboot
a roleplay created by strgaykids
typeau, SEMI-LIT
welcome!about us
welcome to blue mountain state greek life, ers! from this point on, you will live, breathe, and eat for your fraternity. your college life will be nothing but your greek life. sure, extracurriculars are encouraged but don't forget what is supposed to be your top priority! (i'll give you idiots a hint, it's not your grades!) whether that be the best social, winning the intermural games, or just being plain awesome, it is your goal to be better than the other house. dirty pranks are encouraged as long as no one breaks a leg. (we've had too many already!) do it for the drugs, alcohol, and s*x.
updated : 11/26/18
updated : 1/19/2019
✕ no ooc drama and certainly no ooc drama disguised as ic drama. this means no insulting someone in the chatroom unless given explicit permission. Please discuss ic drama beforehand. HOWEVER, a healthy rivalry between houses is encouraged.
✕ only. mpreg will not be allowed as this rp is meant to be "realistic". and there will be a lot of and drugs so it's best to not make it a bigger mess.
✕ even though this rp is a rp, there are girls who still exist in the world and at the school. but since this focuses on the frats, they are only mentioned.
✕ inactivity is 4 days. you will get one warning. if you don't reply in 24 hours, you will be kicked.
✕ multiple characters are allowed as long as they are from different groups. this encourages the diversity of the roleplay. you can start off with 2 and then every character after requires a blog post. 
✕ in addition to frat members, You may also apply as alumni, proessors, or even freshman who havent chosen a fraternity yet.
✕ semi-hiatus lasts for 1 weeks and hiatus lasts for 2 weeks. after that, you're on probation for a month.
✕ put up a picture and post 50 posts within 2 days or else you'll get a warning before getting kicked. i want active roleplayers.
✕ reservations last for 24 hours. you may ask for inactive characters.
✕ this roleplay is going to have some mature themes. as a result, i will only allow characters 18 years or older to apply. as long as they're over 18, you can adjust their age how you like.

✕ dating ban is a week. any premature "unofficial" couples are discouraged. that being said, move-in couples are allowed! 
✕ pW: paraphrase three (3) rules. this roleplay will be mentioning strong ual content as well as heavy use of drugs and alcohol. it is not for the weak hearted. at the surface, it'll look everyone friendly but it isn't. if you have delicate sensibilities, this won't be the roleplay for you. if anything ual or violent makes you uncomfortable easily, don't join. 
updated : 11/26/14
full namehwang hyunjin
groupstray kids
yearfreshman/1st year
frat houseΣΥΤ
passwordlook in rules
updated : 11/26/18
ΣΥΤabout us
rumors run rampant on any campus, and this one is no different. the murmurings of this particular fraternity--especially among the freshmen--is that they look nice, they smell nice, but they have brutal initiations. instead of force, sigma upsilon tau has a reputation for the most prolonged episodes of hazing known to any nearby campuses. people who know members of the frat say that sigma upsilon tau whittle out weak pledges through thorough vetting--it can't be confirmed unless you dare to test it. they take secrecy to the next level, keeping the reality of the frat inside and, it's been theorized that sometimes they mill their own rumors.  to add to their reputation, it's been said that their president last year was a teacher's pet: a total tool, crashing more parties than the frat can throw. but he has since graduated, and the game has changed. (there was also one year, years before when they were HAILED for their bathroom s-- it's uncertain if that is a legacy they keep). although... you can smell the warm vanilla scent of cookies the day after huge raging parties. so whatever will happen this year is anyone's guess! 
ΝΓΤabout us
in one word, stories from nu gamma tau have been summarised as INTENSE. from dirty initiations, and a history of rumors where they turned pledges into "bottom es", nu gamma tau is not for the faint-hearted (if you listen to the rumors). it's said they rival sigma upsilon tau in secrecy, and once you're in, there's no way out. nu gamma tau is rumored to be behind some freaky : if you value your privacy, it might be nonexistent. an ex-frat member said something about "google searches" and "the government watching them." only satan knows what they watch. nu gamma tau pride themselves--or graduated students say so--in pulling some weird with past school mascots and with vandalism. they talk the talk and walk the walk. the upside is that a lot of pet dogs have been seen near their frat in years past: it's unclear if they own them and visit for a day or if they stole them. whatever you do, don't mention if you're affiliated or thinking of joining sigma upsilon tau: you'll become dog meat real quick.


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Tomfoolery 2 months ago
G-Dragon dropped, not enough activity for me to keep my muse plus rl has me slammed with a job and college. thanks for the warm welcome!
PaboEunMi 2 months ago
Can you put Junmyeon on semi hiatus please?
byeona 2 months ago
Can you please take Yixing back?
monokyo 2 months ago
Hey, can I get jihoon back?

UnlockingGalaxy 2 months ago

May I please have Kim Seyong as a second character? uwu.
Tomfoolery 2 months ago
Good morning administrators, could I please have Kwon Jiyong reserved, please and thank you!

(low key stoked because #collegeau, and #semiliterate)
kittenonaroll 3 months ago
so... to get a third.. I need to write a blog post right...? What does the post have to be about? Can it just be like.. an ad?
weiying_shizun 3 months ago
My muse left, taehyung dropped
dreamland 3 months ago
may i reserve lee felix please and thank you?
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reserve johnny for me pls?
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