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est. 2018
the academy's guilds
population: 03
leader: yifan
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population: 03
leader: hyuna
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population: 05
leader: xi luhan
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population: 03
leader: victoria song
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population: 02
leader: name
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population: 02
leader: lee taemin
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about the academy
Erebus Academy is loosely inspired by Harry Potter, and the Netflix TV series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The academy is run by the wicked and supernatural — for the wicked and supernatural. Here, you will experience the peculiar and bizarre events. The students here are separated into guilds because of their rivalry and hostility towards each other.

At Erebus Academy, there are six guilds, six different species.Firstly, you have the Cerberus (Werewolves) and the Liliths (Vampires) the oldest guild and most popular in the academy. The administration recommends avoiding the two groups as one can be territorial and the other competitive.

Secondly, you have the Gethens (Witches/Warlocks) and the Maura (Incubus/Succubus) both rivals in the academy. It’s not known how these two very different guilds end up becoming enemies. However, rumors tell that because of a Maura member killing a Gethen by overstimulation during , the Witches and Warlocks have declared war on the Maura.

Lastly, we have our two lesser known, yet prominent guilds, the Mallory (Angels) and the Alvah (Fallen Angels). The Alvahs aren’t known throughout the campus, as they tend to be reserved and not as social as the other guilds. However, because of their secrecy the Mallory speculate that the Fallen Angels are up to something evil. So, they spy on the Alvah in any time and any way they can, collecting the pettiest of dirt on the secluded group.

In Erebus Academy roleplay you are limited to six species. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Warlocks, Incubus and Succubus, Angels, and Fallen Angels. Depending on your species, you will automatically be sent into their guild. You are not allowed, and you can’t, transfer to another guild. The guilds here are all enemies. They strive to be on top, to be noticed, and to reign power in the academy. This does not imply that you cannot interact with the other team. You can make friends with them or even date them. Unfortunately… when you are public with your relationship it can get pretty… messy.
run by admin name
date: 00/00/0000
place of event:
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rules & guidelines

Favorite the roleplay and upvote. If you are leaving, unfavorite but please keep the upvote.


We do not allow internationals, but we do allow all orientations.


Reservations last for 24-hours. When you're accepted have a photo up within 24-hours or 50 posts or you will be removed.


Marriage and pregnancy is not allowed.


Characters that are under the age of 18+ cannot join this roleplay. You are not allowed to adjust your characters actual age.


OOC drama will NOT be tolerated here. You will be removed from existence and not allowed back.


The amount of characters you can have is three. To get your second, your first has to have up to 100 posts. To get your third, make a blog post about this rp. All three characters cannot be from the same group. PW: 666


Inactivity is set for 7 days. You will receive a 48-hour notification for you to post. Failure to do so, will result in termination.


After a month of joining the rp, you are allowed to kill/die, but after you are dead your character will be deactivated and “reborn” so you can start off with a clean slate. (You are only allowed to die once every 2 months)


There is a 3 day dating ban, this is just to prevent face-chasing.

student/teacher application
full name
age (teachers have to be 25+)
species (list)
year (students)/position (for teachers only)
guild: guilds
password (read the rules)
admin╱ one
kim hyuna
guild: maura
year: teacher
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admin╱ two
wu yifan
guild: gethen
year: professor
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admin ╱ theree
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admin ╱ four
username here
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admin ╱ five
admin here
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Immortals 1 year ago
Could you please reserve Jeon Heejin for me?
TaeKook 1 year ago
who to be
footsteps 1 year ago
hyungwon has left
saorsa 1 year ago
chanyeol has left, i'm sorry ;; i wasn't active in the slightest and didn't want to take up space + but u guys were total bros so hmu if u feel like it for pm rps

best of luck my luvs <3
xxyrinx 1 year ago
add vivi/wong kahei for me?
OhitsSehunexo 1 year ago
Can you reserve Oh Sehun for me plz?
Poppitycorn 1 year ago
zhuldyz kenzhebayeva please^^
minzee 1 year ago
oof interesting
please reserve kim minji, thanks ^.^
byeona 1 year ago
Can you reserve Kim Jongin for me?
boraginaceae 1 year ago
hii! can I have lee sojung? thanks!
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