❤ NEVER ENDING ☇ reheated & open。— 113018 ❝ moderob's ohana has become quiet.. ❞ ☆ we need new folk! ヾ(・ω・)メ(・ω・)ノ

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ohana af
moderob 2.0
について about
MORE : if you guys don't know moderob or
the people from it, don't let that turn you away
from here. moderob was a place for all to feel
welcomed and loved. no one was left alone 
unless that was really what they wanted. we
were- no..we are ohana! bring your circle of
friends here all you want, we can combine ours
together and become one giant circle- a bubble!

anyways- i named this place never ending, in 
hopes that it never ends! even if we are to die,
we will be brought back to life over and over!

we can't let positivity and good times ever
really disappear- that's just stupid haha

welcome to "never ending"!
アドミン admins
main admin
name here
name here
melanie martinez - cry baby
たルール rules
MORE : we don't tolerate user or face
chasing. so keep it out! you don't have to like
everyone, but please try not to leave others out

ic drama is fine, just make sure your partner(s)
is okay with all of it and don't let it spill out
over everyone else. ooc drama is a big NO.

all orientations are allowed, but let's not turn
this into a haven lol

please keep ooc talk in {} [] () when out of
character. this is a nonau, you are "living" as
your face claim, not yourself~

should probably stay in pms or on walls,
but there may be rated rooms if you wanna
go "public" lol

we allow move in couples, but for everyone
else, you have a 3 day dating ban! marriage
and pregnancy are for 20+ face claims! no
mpreg though-

we are currently accepting asian internationals

CHARACTER! we don't need you to be 24/7
active, but please do not come if you're not
active at all.

reply to your own comment if leaving, do not
make a new comment!
応用 application
MORE : screw an application!

just comment below your faceclaim's
stage name (or full name if they don't
use one)

3 characters are now free!
(can not be from the same group)


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featherless 1 day ago
hey ;; I’ll have to take an immediate hiatus and won’t be back until at least Christmas I’m sorry :(
smolpotato 6 days ago
I see Seulgi is inactive, if she reaches the limit coul I take her o n o
DoNotWantToBeFound 1 week ago
*blushes because of kakashi*
I mean
Can I take chou tzuyu of twice?
Lately that's my only muse
nabongs 1 week ago
kim jaehyun jsy
-Shady 1 week ago
You guys have a kakashi? Give me naruto.. okno why not give me yoo jeongyeon of twice thank you
pickles 1 week ago
eyes emoji
milkytea 1 week ago
shin yeeun for me!
DNABleached 1 week ago
can you add and reserve shoma uno for me please? (japanese figure skater)
asphuxia 1 week ago
o can i get both the8 and jun pls
i should try this rp out at least.
dprlive 1 week ago
male or female??
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